Wire Display Feet, Wire Display Poles Fabrication

Inventory Stock Signage Products for Use with Wire Display Feet, Wire Display Poles, or Other Signage

You may want to review Western Wire Products Co.’s catalog and Visual Index for more information about inventory products related to signage or fixtures, fasteners, hangers, hooks, grips, clips or other products that you may need for use with Wire Display Feet (usually two pieces attached to make four feet), Wire Display Poles that you can assemble, or related products.  Western Wire Products Co. maintains and extensive supply of general hardware supply products, wire hangers and wire hooks, straps, mechanical fasteners and other types of wire forms.

Currently, some of our inventory signage products that may be useful with your Wire Display Poles and Wire Display Feet assemblies, or useful with other signage includes:

We also stock a wide range of other wire forms and miscellaneous supply parts for free-standing signage or for hanging signage, banners, advertising displays, or related usage.  We stock other wire forms that may be useful for products that your business currently uses such as mechanical fasteners, clips, grips, wire fasteners, signage hangers, or other related products you can find in our inventory.

Also, our standard product categories include the following product types:  wire hangersmechanical fastenerswire formswire handles, and custom-made springs.

We Can Custom Fabricate Parts for Use with Your Brand of Wire Display Feet and Pole Assemblies

Some of our custom fabrication options can include items related to standard wire forms designs for Wire Display Feet and Wire Display Pole assemblies.  Within our wire diameter production capacity, we can fabricate a wide range of general hardware supplies, products for construction, HVAC, electrical work, plumbing, or just general signage wire forms and fixtures as your company needs.

A few examples of products on the market that your company may require custom-fabricated versions of include the following few examples:

  • Custom-fabricated Wire Display Feet or Wire Pole Feet/Wire Pole Display Feet assembled for free-standing signage (usually four wire feet on the display when assembled—two separate wire forms are assembled at 90° angles for most of these signage designs)
  • Wire Display Poles—some of the most popular sizing are 24” length segments that are easy to assembly; additionally, the Wire Display Poles will use a base or Wire Display Feet in most instances—we can fabricate a range of lengths of Wire Display Feet with simple or complex geometries or shapes as specified
  • Custom-made Pole Gripper wire forms/mechanical fasteners for signage; actually, these wire forms are similar to Pipe Straps
  • Custom-fabricated Wire Snap Links
  • Custom-made wire form clips, grips, fasteners, mechanical fasteners, fastening devices/hardware designed for use with specific configurations of Wire Display Poles and Wire Display Feet
  • Custom Signage Clips
  • Custom Pole Straps
  • Custom wire forms at custom lengths or to fit standardized or off-sized Wire Display Poles or Wire Display Feet assemblies
  • Additional options per your company’s specifications and/or design(s)

We would like to let you know that Western Wire Products Co. fabricates custom square wire form tubing, and that custom wire form tube forming services are available for custom production runs.

Fabrication of Custom Wire Display Feet and Wire Forms per Business Customer Request

Western Wire Products Co. can assist your business with the production of custom Wire Display Feet for use with Wire Display Pole assemblies, or we can work with your company to design, engineer, rapid prototype, provide primary fabrication services including: CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, cost-effective multi-slide forming or four-slide forming production methods, blank wire forming and threading, full-service secondary operations, and a variety of finishing service.

Our wire diameter production capacity along with expertise and over 100 pieces of production machinery allows our job shop to fabricate simple wire form designs or complex wire forms.  We can accommodate a wide range of wire forms fabrication services.

Currently, Western Wire Product Co. can handle wire diameters meeting the following specifications:

  • Metal wire, MB Spring Wire, various types of mild and regular steel grades, Aluminum grades, or Stainless Steel grades
  • Highest precision level fabrication of CNC-machined production runs accommodating 0.016” to 0.625” wire diameters or 0.4 mm to 16 mm metric wire diameters; ideal for lower-volume, very precise primary fabrication
  • Precision, higher-volume, cost-effective four-slide or multi-slide forming methods accommodating 0.028” to 0.562”wire diameters or 0.75 mm to 14 mm metric wire diameters
  • Up to Strip Steel Wire to 16 gauge

Secondary Operations for a Wide Range of Wire Form Products

As a full-service, wire forms production company, Western Wire Products Co. can provide business customers with extensive secondary operations for wire forms in general or for custom Wire Display Feet in particular.  We can offer custom fabrication services with the following secondary operations:  Austempering, bending and/or secondary wire bending, case hardening, chamfering/creating cuts orchamferscoiningcutting, deburring, in-process staking, machining (CNC, precision, etc.), Stainless Steels sanitary passivation, apply plating or coatings (e.g. electro-coating or applying powder coats), punching, staking, straightening, strip forming, tapping, secondary threading, applying other treatments (e.g. atmospheric/neutral air treatments, heat treatments, stress-relieving treatments, or even vacuum heat-treating), vibratory deburring, stamping (four-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping), secondary wire straightening, swaging, welding services, and other applicable options.  Additional finishing services and bulk packaging are available.

We do offer a meet industry ASME standards, and we can meet more stringent U.S. Government and military standards, or aviation standards as specified.  Be sure to contact us regarding other fabrication services and operations.

Request a custom Wire Display Feet quote, or get in touch with us to discuss your OEM, custom or specialty wire forms fabrication project.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for Custom Wire Display Feet or Custom Wire Forms Fabrication

Business customers in the U.S. may use any of our bulk sale and shipping options.  We ship to Canada, to Mexico and Central America, to South America, to Europe, or to Australia, Japan and elsewhere in Asia. Contact Western Wire Products Co. for inventory stock wire forms or to request custom fabrication services.  Your company representative may call us at 800-325-3770, or reach us by e-mail at: [email protected].