Custom Wire Products

Western Wire’s Wire Forming origins date back to 1907. The company’s machinery has modernized over the decades and now includes the latest in CNC, multi-slide and special wire-forming equipment. We take pride in catering to all your custom wire needs.

Whether your need is for small volumes or prototyping to medium volumes, in complex or simple shapes, Western Wire offers a unique range of CNC and special wire-forming capabilities to address your requirements. For higher volumes Western Wire maintains an extensive capability in four-slide and multi-slide forming. Click here to send a sample, print or sketch for us to quote!

Capabilities and Offerings:

  • Wire diameters from .016 to .625 inches (.4 mm to 16mm)
  • Strip and square material wire forming
  • Nearly unlimited blank length
  • Wide array of ferrous and non-ferrous materials including: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Spring Steels, etc.
  • We offer several in-line and secondary processes including: Staking, Stamping, Chamfering Undercutting, Threading, Drilling, Welding, etc.
  • Finishing processes including: Passivation, Deburring, Plating, Powder Coating, Heat Treat. Etc.
  • Just–in-time Inventory Programs
  • Special Packaging Programs

Our Custom Wire Product Line Includes: