Western Wire Products Company Fabricates a Variety of Ring Clips

Ring Clips Are Available from a Leading, U.S. Wire Forms Manufacturer

St. Louis-based, Western Wire Products Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of wire forms including Ring Clips and related products.  We have been a leading American manufacturer or wire forms for decades and we have been in operation for 100 years (and a few years before that under our original founder’s business).  We are uniquely situated to produce OEM, standardized, specialty and custom wire forms that meet the varied demands, specifications, standards and requirements of diverse market sectors.  We can accommodate most custom fabrication and production requests, since we maintain an extensive production facility with over 100 pieces of CNC and production machinery in Fenton, Missouri.

Businesses worldwide may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory stock purchases, or to request custom fabrication services.  Companies, suppliers, distributors or U.S. defense contractors may call us toll-free, nationwide, at 800-325-3770.  You may e-mail your product or service inquiries to: [email protected].

General Services and Inventory Stock Product Categories Available at Western Wire Products Co.

As a major American supplier of wire forms to diverse market sectors, distribution channels, suppliers and individual companies large and small, we can offer a wide range of services.  We offer custom, rapid prototype work, design and engineering services, a wide range of primary fabrication services, full-service secondary operations, wire form’s product finishing services, bulk packaging, inventory-stocking options, and shipping worldwide.  We meet a very diverse set of market sector standards and specifications.  If you require custom fabrication services, please let us know about all of your requirements and applicable industry standards.

Western Wire Product Co. currently supplies OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), national and international parts distribution channels, individual businesses, aviation/aerospace companies, the automotive industry, the construction/electrical and plumbing markets, HVAC manufacturing and repair sector, agriculture and food processing and distribution companies, heavy industrial companies, manufacturers or all kinds, medical device manufacturers, and we even supply defense contractors and manufacture U.S. military-grade and Navy-compliant wire forms meeting very stringent production standards.

Currently, our main wire forms product categories include: general wire formswire handleswire hangersmechanical fasteners, and custom-made springs.  We also fabricate a wide range of simple and complex wire form designs, offer CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, threading (and secondary threading, precision multi-slide formingfour-slide forming, and many other wire forming services.  As your full-service, wire forms manufacturer, we accommodate a wide range of custom manufacturing and bulk production runs meeting specific business requirements.

Western Wire Products Co. Offers a Standardized Inventory Stock of Ring Clips and Related Wire Forms

Western Wire Products Co. offers businesses in the U.S.A., and companies worldwide, an assortment of standardized Ring Clips available in standard inch-sizing (metric sizing available for custom production runs per client specifications).  We produce OEM, standardized, specialty and custom Ring Clips, Rue Ring Clips, Grip Clips, Cotters and many other similar wire forms.  You are welcome to purchase any of our standardized clips in bulk packaging or to request custom fabrication to meet your company’s requirements.

Our standard inventory of Ring Clips include these basic fabrication options:

  • Standard Ring Clips in our inventory are Zinc-coated
  • Stainless Steel  Ring Clips are customized items and prices for standardized clips are quoted upon request
  • Review the Ring Clips Catalog Product Page (a pdf file download is available in our product catalog section)
  • Custom-made Ring Clips are available per business customer requests and upon approval of sample prototype(s) and based upon your design specifications, engineering, materials selection, secondary operations and finishing requirements—custom-made, bulk production runs are available upon your company’s approval of the final production requirements
  • Metric sizing available on custom production runs

Our current inventory stock of Ring Clips includes the standardized product information [Product Number; fits the specific Shaft Size; Shaft Clearance; Wire Diameter; and Overall Wire Form Length] below:

  • RC-8; ¼” Heavy; 0.267”/0.257”; 0.041”; 0.844”
  • RC-9H; ¼” Extra Heavy; 0.270”/0.260”; 0.054”; 0.936”
  • RC-10; 5/16” Regular; 0.330”/0.320”; 0.047”; 1.044”
  • RC-14; 3/8” Regular; 0.392”/0.382”; 0.054”; 1.214”
  • RC-22; ½” Regular; 0.520”/0.510”; 0.062”; 1.420”
  • RC-24; ½” Heavy; 0.520”/0.510”; 0.072”; 1.456”
  • RC-30; 5/8” Regular; 0.645”/0.635”; 0.072”; 1.690”
  • RC-34; ¾” Regular; 0.770”/0.760”; 0.080”; 2.081”
  • RC-36; ¾” Heavy; 0.770”/0.760”; 0.091”; 2.166”
  • RC-40; 7/8” Heavy; 0.895”/0.885”; 0.105”; 2.506”
  • RC-42; 1” Regular; 1.020”/1.010”; 0.105”; 2.756”
  • Please note that these inventory stock wire forms are available in bulk packaging and the package weight per 1,000 pieces is available on the Ring Clips Catalog Product Page

You may view a wide assortment of our inventory stock of wire forms using our Visual Index of Wire Forms.  There are also catalog pages that you may download for later reference.

Some of our related wire forms and/or similar wire forms that we have in our inventory stock may be useful for your company’s use.  Some of our other wire forms include:  All-Purpose Tie Wires, Coiled Safety Pins, Clinch PinsDead Lock Tag FastenersDouble Loop Hitch PinsGrip ClipsHitch Pin (Hair Pin) ClipsExternal Hitch Pin ClipsKey RingsKey SnapsLock PinsPear ClipsRing Cotters, Rue Ring Clips, Safety Pins/Safety Pin FastenersShipping Tag Wire, and other wire forms.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for All of Uour Wire Forms

Companies throughout the U.S.A. and in most other countries may buy inventory stock wire forms including Ring Clips and related products direct from Western Wire Products Co. Businesses may request custom manufacturing services including wire form design and engineering services, prototype work, custom production runs including primary fabrication services, secondary operations, product finishing services, bulk packaging and shipping options (e.g. Kan Ban stocking, “just-in-time” stocking, or complete production run shipments).  We are a full-service, wire forms manufacturer and we can accommodate most production requests meeting a wide range of diverse market sector standards.

We do request that international customers contact Western Wire Products Co. about our current shipping options to your country and also about your company’s specific shipping requirements.  We have clients throughout the U.S.A, in Canada, in Mexico, in Central America, in South America, throughout Europe, in Japan, in Australia, and throughout Asia.  We ship wire forms worldwide.

Businesses may call Western Wire Products Co. direct at 800-325-3770.  You may reach us by e-mail with any of your questions about purchasing standard inventory stock items or about our custom fabrication services.  You may e-mail Western Wire Products Co. at: [email protected].