J Hooks, J Bolts and Wire Forms from Western Wire Products Company

Western Wire Products Co. Manufactures J Hooks, J Polts and Other Styles of Hooks and Hangers

If your business uses or requires industry-standard, OEM, specialty or completely custom-designed J Hooks, J Bolts or similar items for specific applications or for resale, then Western Wire Products Company, a major U.S. supplier of wire forms, can fill your inventory requirements.  We offer an extensive inventory of wire forms including standardized J Hooks, custom J Bolts, Pipe Hooks, Wire Pipe Hangers, Pipe Straps, V Hooks and similar wire forms that are used extensively in the construction, Plumbing & Electrical, HVAC, furniture assembly, Hardware, and other market sectors.  Western Wire Products Co., in business in St. Louis for a 100 years now, is a major wire forms supplier to national distribution channels, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), Plumbing & Electrical companies, HVAC, and individual companies and corporations nationwide.  Also, we supply businesses worldwide.

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory stock purchases, or to request custom wire forms fabrication and finishing services.  You may call us in in Fenton, Missouri, toll-free at 800-325-3770; or, e-mail us with product or service inquiries at: [email protected].

J Hooks, Pipe Hooks and Hangers

Western Wire Products Co. supplies standard J Hooks and various styles of Pipe Hooks/Pipe Hangers and related straps for general use in construction, hanging electrical wiring, conduits and for similar uses.  J Hooks may even be ideal for retail signage applications or similar uses.  Generally, J Hooks and J Bolts are used om a wide range of applications—J Bolts frequently, threaded, for use in product applications requiring a weight-bearing capacity, product assembly, furniture construction, construction applications, or diverse uses including setting in concrete as anchor bolts to attach other wire forms or fasteners with hoops, hooks or eyes, to installing toolboxes in pickups and utility vehicles, to a variety of other uses including affixing items to metal frameworks.

J Hooks are ideal for general use in a range of applications, frequently with lightweight load-bearing requirements such as hanging electrical wiring, cords, networking cables, lighting fixture wiring, telephone wiring and similar uses.  Larger or sturdier J Hooks may meet your requirements for tubing or pipe-hanging, of course, we do offer other products including Pipe HooksWire Pipe Hangersstandard perforated FHA StrapsPipe Straps, and Tinner’s Tape that may meet your requirements depending upon the application.  Many of these products are designed and fabricated for general or specialty Plumbing & Electrical wire forms use requirements—usually weight bearing capacity or even for corrosion resistance.  We can alter designs and materials as individual customers may require for custom production runs.

  • Standard J Hooks
    • Western Wire Products Co. manufactures industry-standard J Hooks and related wire forms
    • J Hooks are ideal for commercial and residential use
    • Use J Hooks to secure pipes, tubes, wire tubing, electrical conduits, or electrical cables, construction wiring, HVAC and other Plumbing & Electrical applications, for light fixture wiring, or for convenience when performing general repairs
    • Inventory stock J-Hooks are available in our standard sizing including ½”, ¾”, and 1”
    • Copper-coated or Zinc-coated J-Hooks are available with Zinc offering moderate corrosion resistance
  • Custom J Bolts – please contact us about your requirements
    • J Bolts are generally threaded on the straight arm and available with hex nuts
    • Frequently used to suspend electrical wiring, lightweight cables or even wire tubing or conduits in commercial and residential construction
    • Frequently used to affix sheet metal to wood/a wooden framework
    • Frequently used in affixing tubing, wiring, cables or other items to metal frameworks
    • Frequently used in furniture construction requiring a weight-bearing capacity to hold springs
    • Frequently used as a cast-in-place anchor in concrete—used with other wire forms, fasteners, plates, hooks, hoops, eyes, etc.
    • Other common names for J Bolts include threaded J-bolts, J-bolt anchors, anchor bolts and similar to eye bolts (although eye bolts generally have the J-curve closed or almost closed)
    • J Bolts are also cross-drilled as the application requires

Western Wire Products Co. offers an assortment of standardized and custom wire shapes that may meet your specific application requirements for use with pipe or tubing depending upon your load-bearing specifications.  Also, we stock additional Plumbing & Electrical-related wire forms.  Other standard products include: Hanger IronPaint Line HangersS-Hooks Stud GuardsStud PlatesWire Hangers, and, we also manufacture custom hooks, and custom steel hooks for industrial usage as well.

Western Wire Products Co. Is a Full-Service Fabrication Shop

Whether your business needs standard or specialty J Hooks, J Bolts, hooks, hangers, straps or other wire forms in general, Western Wire Products Co. can most likely accommodate your production request.  We are full-service wire forms fabrication shop.  We offer a wide assortment of general wire forms in product categories including: general wire formsmechanical fastenerswire hangerswire handles, andcustom-made springs.

Western Wire Products Co. can accommodate product design and engineering services, prototype work, a wide range of wire diameters, metric sizing, metals selection, primary fabrication requirements, primary threading and secondary threading, general primary fabrication services including manufacturing complex wire forms including utilizing precision CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques, multi-slide forming and four-slide forming, and additional wire forming services to meet exacting specifications.  We offer a wide range of secondary operations and product finishing services as well…or, choose from our extensive inventory stock for solutions to your parts problem!

Businesses may contact Western Wire Products Co. for general inventory stock purchases or to discuss custom fabrication and production requests.  Your company representative may call us at 800-325-3770; or, e-mail us at: [email protected], with your questions.