Western Wire Products Company Fabricates Standardized and Custom Wire Shapes/Wire Forms

Major U.S. Manufacturer Produces Custom Wire Shapes

If your company is in need of custom wire shapes for specific applications, for OEM products, specialty application, distribution, supply or retail, then be sure to review the standardized products available from St. Louis-based, Western Wire Products Company, a leading U.S. wire forms manufacturer for 100 years.  We can accommodate most requirements and production standards for general wire forms fabrication.  Western Wire Products Co. is a leading supplier of wire forms to national wire forms distribution channels, to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs), to supplier, and to individual companies and businesses throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct to purchase any of our standard inventory stock, or to request custom fabrication services for custom wire shapes.  We are a primary manufacturer offering design and engineering services, rapid prototype work, custom fabrication services, and complex wire forms fabrication, primary fabrication services, a wide range of secondary operations, product finishing services, product packaging (bulk), and a range of inventory stocking options.  With over 100 pieces of production machinery, we can offer your company CNC wire bending, and CNC wire forming, precision wire forms fabrication, and other services to meet your company’s specific production requirements for application(s) requiring custom wire shapes.

You may call us direct in Fenton, Missouri, toll-free, nationwide at 800-325-3770; or, you may contact us by e-mail with any of your inventory product questions or about our custom production services at:[email protected].

Western Wire Products Co. Fabricates a Wide Range Standard and Custom Wire Shapes (Wire Forms)

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates OEM, standardized, specialty and custom wire shapes/wire forms in several product categories.  Our general wire forms product categories include wire formswire hangerswire handlesmechanical fasteners, and custom-made springs including heavy springs to meet industrial/manufacturing applications.

We recommend that you review our Visual Index or download individual catalog pages (pdf files) for your later reference, and also, to learn about the types of products that we currently manufacture.

Currently, Western Wire Products Co. offers standardized products—any of which may be customized to meet your specific application requirements—including the following:

  • Cotter Pins – including our standard Cotter Pins, Extended Prong Chisel Point and Hammerlock styles; additional styles available upon request including Even End Chisel Point, Humped, Extended Prong Taper Point, Self-Locking, Tee Head and Even End Taper Point styles; we meet a variety production standards in this product category and we also offer variant styles including Metric Cotter Pins, Wedge Fast Cotter Pins and various assortments
  • Coiled Spring Pins – available in a variety of sizes and available in Plain Steel and T420 Stainless Standard Duty
  • Clinch Pins – we offer a variety of sizes and diameters; fabricated using of 1035-1040 carbon steel, heat-treated, Zinc-coated
  • D-Rings – a wide variety of standard sizes available; learn more about our D-Rings
  • Double C Sign Hangers – a.k.a. signage hangers; fabricated using 0.091 Zinc-coated steel
  • Grip Clips – four standard sizes; Zinc-coated; refer to product page for specifications
  • Hitch Pin (Hair Pin) Clips – we offer a large assortment of standardized Hitch Pin (Hair Pin) Clips; please refer to the catalog page for our standard inventory stock items; we do offer a few rectangular clips as well
  • External Hitch Pin Clips – we offer a wide assortment of standard sizes and diameters; fabricated using MB Spring Wire and Zinc-coated (clear); please refer to the catalog page for specific inventory items
  • Double Loop Hitch Pins – currently we have six standard inventory stock sizes; manufactured using MB Spring Wire and Zinc-coated, standard
  • Hog Rings (Hill Patterned) – ideal for furniture assembly; we offer three standard sizes made of different metals and plating; also, Fencing Rings and Upholstery Rings available
  • Key Rings – fabricated using Spring Steel, available with Zinc and Nickel coatings; several standard sizes available
  • Key Snaps – manufactured using 3/32” diameter, half-round spring wire; high carbon, heat-treated steel for spring-back; available Nickel-coated or Zinc-coated
  • Lock Pins – two different designs with multiple sizing; fabricated using T316 Stainless Steel in accordance with ASTM A313
  • Lock Washers – we offer a wide selection in various sizes; available in Zinc-coated or Plain Finish styles; Regular Helical Spring style is Zinc-plated; Lock Washers meet I.F.I. standards
  • Pear Clips – one standard size; fabricated using Zinc-coated steel; Stainless Steel available upon request
  • Plumbing and Electrical– we offer a wide variety of options; some specific styles include Pipe HooksPipe StrapsJ-HooksStud GuardsStud Plates, and Hanger Iron (perforated available)
  • Ring Clips – we offer a variety of sizes; Zinc Coated; Stainless Steel quoted on request; Ring Clips are available in “regular,” “heavy,” and “extra heavy” styles
  • Ring Cotters – a.k.a. Circle Cotters; four standard sizes available; fabricated using MB Spring Wire; available as Zinc-coated or as Type 302 Stainless Steel
  • S-Hooks – we offer a wide variety of sizes and wire diameters in our S-Hook category; Zinc-coated S-Hooks are corrosion resistant; most sizes are available in Stainless Steel
  • S-Iron – Ribbed Steel “S” Iron; anti-checking device/wire form primarily for use with ties and timber; manufactured using heavy 14 gauge metal with a double-beveled knife edge; available in standard 4”, 5” and 6” variants
  • Safety Pin Fasteners – we offer variant designs in several sizes; made from MB Spring Wire and Zinc-coated; Stainless Steel Safety Pin Fasteners available upon request
  • Spring Pins – all-purpose fastener designed to compress within standard drilled holes; standard sizes ranging from 1/16” to ½” diameters; our Spring Pins are available in plain steel, Zinc-coated, Cadmium-coated, Stainless Steel Type 420 or Stainless Steel Type 302/304; MS and NAS Spring Pins are also available; assortment bulk packages available
  • Tag Fasteners – two variant styles available including Shipping Tag Wire (16 gauge galvanized steel) and Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners available as No. 2, 3, 4, and 5 with blunt or sharp points
  • Tie Wire (All Purpose) – available in 16, 17 and 18 gauge at 4-½” to 12” lengths; available plain or galvanized; additional lengths available upon request; Ratchet Type and Pistol Type Tie Wire Tools are also available
  • V-Hooks – fabricated using top quality galvanized wire; our plated V-Hooks maintain appearance and are corrosion resistant; also available with a Zinc-coating; End Mount and Side Mount variants available

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Contact Western Wire Products for Standard or Custom Wire Shapes/Wire Forms

Your company may order any inventory stock product direct from Western Wire Products Co.  Our standard wire forms are available in bulk packaging, usually in 500 or 1,000 piece boxes.  For custom production runs, we can ship your custom wire shapes to your preferred distribution or shipping location.  On inventory stock, we offer clients in the U.S. inventory stocking options including Kan Ban stocking, warehouse distribution or “just-in-time” delivery options.  International customers should contact Western Wire Products Co. direct about current shipping options to your country or preferred location.  We ship standard wire forms and custom wire shapes throughout the U.S. and to international companies in Canada, Mexico, in Central America or in South America, and to business clients in Europe, Australia, Japan, and throughout Asia.

Companies, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers or individual business customers may call Western Wire Products Co. at 800-325-3770 with any product questions or about your production requirements for custom wire shapes.  You may reach us by e-mail at: [email protected].