Copper Top Spring Stamping Fabrication Services Are Available from Western Wire Products Company

Custom Copper Top Spring Stampings and Custom-Made Springs

As your custom spring manufacturerWestern Wire Products Company (800-325-3770) offers business clients full-service fabrication services for simple to quite complex custom wire forms including custom Copper Top Spring Stampings and various sizes of wire form springs, as well as related wire forms that require internal springs and/or shock absorption.  With over 100 pieces of production machinery including precision machinery, CNC machinery and other equipment, we can produce metal stampings to meet your company’s requested specifications. Some assemblies or wire forms are designed with internal springs or spring parts to mechanical fasteners.  In these type of wire forms or mechanical fasteners, springs are frequently used to absorb shock or compression resistance, and the spring is frequently within such a wire form, component assembly or mechanical fastener itself. The addition of tin to the alloy for Copper Top Spring Stampings also offers corrosion resistance, while meeting electrical conductivity or electrical resistance requirements for the device, component, motor or other assembly.

We produce other wire forms that may meet specific component needs for assemblies such as Spring Pins or similar items, but we can design, engineer, prototype and fabricate Copper Top Spring Stampings or custom-made springs as required within our wire diameter production capabilities.  The “Copper Top” Spring Stamping process, depending on the mixture of Copper and frequently tin or Beryllium offers businesses springs with electrical conductivity or resistance as indicated.

By having springs designed in this manner, they can be used in electronics, clocks, timers, manufacturing and industrial equipment, to a much wider range of products in different markets such as other household appliances, for use with contact assemblies, various types of testing equipment, agricultural machinery, automotive parts, automotive components and engine parts, automotive contacts (e.g. contact assemblies) and other related assemblies or components (learn about our automotive wire forms and mechanical fasteners), commonplace and/or household electronic devices, timer controls for appliances, mechanical motors, reels or almost any type of commercial product containing a reel, retractable safety devices, medical devices, or even for toys.

Various types of springs, such as extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, or heavy industrial machinery springs or industrial springs may require electrical resistance or electrical conductivity in the spring or in the “Copper Top” contact of the spring.  A few examples of some of the types of wire forms in the extension springs category include; wire forms with hook ends, machine components, with particular features such as extensions, swivel, over-center, or loop ends (full loops, double twisted loops and other designs).

Some of the wide range of Copper Top Spring Stamping products can include the utilization of torsion springs such as steel torsion springs and Stainless Steel torsion springs in products requiring resistance to, or application of torque. A few examples in diverse industries and various include:  automotive components and motor components, electric motor springs, mechanical motor springs, counter-balance springs, HVAC manufacturing and repair services (learn about our Plumbing & Electrical wire forms), for various Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) requirements, industrial wire products, for brush holders, recoil springs, power/clock springs for various types of appliances, or even for surgical instruments and medical devices.  A few other uses include: refrigeration equipment, airplane engines (learn about our Aerospace Hardware), clothes washers, automatic strapping machines, manufacturing machinery, or even for gun manufacturing.

Request a price quote on custom Copper Top Spring Stampings, other classes of springs or complex wire forms that meet your company’s requirements and your market sector standards.

Precision Copper Top Spring Stampings and Wire Forms to Meet a Wide Range of Industry Specifications

Quite frankly, the potential uses are nearly limitless depending on the specific market sector and business requirements.  With our full-service precision wire bending service, primary fabrication and secondary operations, including wire bending for springs (e.g. extension, torsion, compression, commercial-grade and industrial-grade custom spring wire forming), we can accommodate the fabrication and end usage requirements of wide range of market sectors including various industry-standard specifications and additional specifications that are ASME-compliant, commercial-grade, industrial-grade and also for Copper Top Spring Stampings and springs that meet U.S. Government, military and Navy-compliant specifications (e.g. AN, MS, NAS, and NASM standards).

We generally produce wire springs primarily utilizing MB Spring Wire, but we offer other metals and alloys as well as metals and alloys for plating the finished product.

Primary Fabrication Services, Secondary Operations and Wire Forms Finishing Services

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates a wide range of general wire form products that meet a wide range of industry-standard specifications and requirements.  We can assist your company with the development, design, engineering, prototyping, primary fabrication, secondary operations and finishing services for Copper Top Spring Stamping wire forms or other types of springs or wire forms.

Our standard inventory is an extensive selection of wire forms in the following general product categories: custom springswire formsmechanical fastenerswire hangers, and wire handles. You mayreview our wire forms catalog/Visual Index online; individual pages are available for download.

For your custom, Copper Top Spring Stamping fabrications or other custom wire forms, Western Wire Products Co. can offer business customers, manufacturers or other companies full-service custom production runs.  If you need a partner to design, engineer, and provide rapid prototype work, as well as handle all of your primary fabrication utilizing precision CNC wire bendingCNC wire formingtechniques, or cost-effective multi-slide forming/four-slide forming fabrication techniques, as well as provide full-service secondary operations, product finishing services, bulk packaging, and shipping globally, then be sure that you contact Western Wire Products Co. for assistance.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of secondary operations for Copper Top Spring Stampings as well as for general wire forms production.  Our extensive list of secondary operations includes:  Austempering, bending, chamferingcoining, deburring and/or vibratory deburring, in-process staking and/or staking, machining, precision-machining, CNC-machining, hardening or finishing treatments (e.g. atmospheric treatments, case hardening, heat treatments, neutral air treatment, stress-relieving treatment, or vacuum heat treating), passivation of steels for sanitary applications, plating and electro-coating (various electro-coatings/e-coating, coatings for corrosion resistance, or even applying powder coats, etc.), punching, stamping (including four-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping), strip forming, swaging, tapping, secondary threading, and welding as requested.

Western Wire Products Co. Ships Throughout the U.S. and Globally

Business customers may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct about inventory wire form purchases or about custom fabrication of Copper Top Spring Stampings, custom-made springs or other types of wire forms.  We offer business clients full-service manufacturing from start-to-finish.  We can offer design, engineering, prototyping, primary fabrication services, secondary operations and finishing services on custom production runs for business clients in the U.S. and globally.

You may reach us by e-mail at: [email protected] with any questions related to our inventory or production services.  Businesses may call Western Wire Products Co. toll-free at 800-325-3770.  Companies located outside of the U.S. may purchase inventory products or request custom manufacturing runs and bulk shipments to locations throughout Canada or Mexico, in South America, or to most countries in Europe, or to Australia, to Japan, or to elsewhere in Asia.