Wire Form Coining Is Secondary Operation Available from Western Wire Products Company

Coining and Wire Forms Fabrication by a Company with Expertise

If your business needs a manufacturer for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), specialty, standardized or completely custom wire forms fabrication including coining and other secondary operations, then we would like to let you know that Saint Louis-based Western Wire Products Company (800-325-3770) has been a leading U.S. wire forms manufacturer for many decades.  We have been in business for over 100 years and we are a major supplier of wire forms throughout the United States, worldwide, to national distribution channels, to many diverse market sectors, and to businesses of all sizes.

Determining Your Wire Form(s) Design and Production Requirements

Western Wire Products Co. can assist your company with product development and start-to-finish wire forms fabrication services.  We work with companies to create specifications and designs for wire forms, materials selection (metal(s) selection), engineering, and whether or not the creation of an intricate wire form surface should be created by producing metal stampings, which also includes cutting the metal even if minutely, by creating chamfers or cuts that may or may not be beveled (if applicable), or by utilizing different methods such as coining.  If you opt for coining as the primary secondary operation, then we will also work with your company to choose other secondary operations, post-coin surface treatment(s), and product finishing options.

Once we have final approval on a design, selected metal(s), specified geometry, industry or market sector specifications (e.g. ASME, Government, military or Navy-compliant standards, or other market sector industry-standards), then we can offer your business rapid prototype work followed by full-service fabrication and production of the approved wire form.

Coining is one of the many wire forms fabrication secondary operations available to business customers at Western Wire Products Co.  Since we are a primary fabrication/manufacturing company for all kinds of wire forms, we will also offer a wide range of production services and/or applicable methods for general wire forming, specifically, the types of machinery that are best suited for the job and production volume.  Some of the methodologies include highly-precise CNC wire bending or CNC wire forming, and higher-volume production methods including cost-effective multi-slide forming or four-slide forming techniques.

Should You Opt for Fabrication Services Including Coining or Stamping, or Other Secondary Operations?

Coining, though similar to wire stamping, does not result in a cut in the metal, rather the metal, or metal wire is placed through one or two tooling dies (or a flat surface and one die) under considerable pressure.  “Coining” does derive from the origination of making metallic coins and this is probably what most people think of regarding this procedure.  In this industry, coining offers you the ability to fabricate precision workpieces.  By drawing metal wire through the tooling on a high-tonnage press, usually a hydraulic press although common methods do include other cold forming techniques utilizing a mechanical press or a gear driven press to essentially “stamp” the workpiece between one die and plate or two dies without the cutting of metal associated with stamping.  This process generally requires considerably more press force than common metal stamping and deforms the surface of the metal with an added benefit:  the surface of the metal is also hardened and usually ready of post-coin surface treatments.

In the case of coining, the process of using a press allows intricate metal surface shaping by squeezing the metal or wire between a die and flat plate, although care is required in creating the die or shape, particularly if the wire form as drilled holes since the metal is not cut, it can literally intrude, or extrude, in the void(s) in the wire.  The coining process allows the fabricator to create intricate, precision shapes on the surface that can also be functional in the wire form, or with the surface the wire form is designed for use with.  These workpiece impressions can be functional in the working of mechanical parts, if so designed.

Generally, a coining secondary operation produces intricate, fine work in the metal surface or on the metal wire.  This generally affords a better result for complex geometries than basic types of metal stamping.  With using metal wire in the creation of many wire forms for use in in electronics, circuits, circuit boards, and precision manufacturing, the coining process is actually used to create a flat surface on the metal wire or strip wire, and not intricate deformations or designs.  If you need precision, complex geometries during secondary operations in metal wire or a flat metal surface, coining will generally very cost-effective considering this is little to no loss of metal, which is important if using an expensive base metal.  Once coined, the wire form fabrication process continues with general additional secondary operations or post-coin surface treatments.

Secondary Operations Including Coining Are Available from Western Wire Products Co.

As a full-service wire forms manufacturer, Western Wire Products Co. has an extensive production capacity for OEM, specialty, industry-standard or completely custom wire forms.  Coining is one of our many secondary operations.  For your custom wire forms fabrication requests, once we have the design, specifications, materials selections and other pertinent details agreed upon, we can then offer you our best recommendation on wire forms coining, stamping, chamfering, other secondary operations, post-coin surface treatment(s), wire form treatment(s), and any other wire forms finishing services.

Western Wire Products Co. can assist your business in determining the best set of secondary operations for your custom wire forms.  We offer a wide range of production and finishing services.  We can assist you with determining if you require any other secondary operations or if you custom wire forms will be finished after coining.

Besides coining, our list of secondary operations includes:  Austempering, bending, chamfering of flat surfaces with drill holes or excess remaining metal in preparations for deburring, deburring/ vibratory deburring, in-process staking or staking, general machining, precision-machining, CNC-machining, passivation various Stainless Steel grades for sanitary wire forms applications, punching, strip forming, tapping, secondary threading, stampingswaging, and additional welding services to finish wire forms as needed.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of other secondary operations including utilizing various kinds of treatment methods (e.g. case hardening, general heat treatments, neutral air or atmospheric treatments, stress-relieving treatment(s) or vacuum heat treating), or we can apply a wide range of metallic plating/coatings using different methods such as electro-coating/e-coating for metallic coatings, applying powder coatings or other options.  Whether your business requires coining or other procedures, we offer our business clients full-service finishing services as requested.

Request a price quote for custom wire form fabrications including coining and/or additional secondary operations including post-coin surface treatment(s).  We can assist your business throughout the entire custom wire forms fabrication and production process.

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Western Wire Products Co. maintains an extensive wire forms inventory meeting industry standards that are available for sale.  Businesses may review our standardized, general wire form products categories:wire formsmechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, or custom-made springs. We produce wire forms for a variety of market sectors including the construction sector, Plumbing & Electrical, HVAC manufacturing and repairs, Aerospace Hardware, Maintenance and Repair Operations supply, the automotive markets (automotive wire forms and mechanical fasteners, national distribution channels, general hardware supply, for manufacturers, the agricultural sector, the food processing and distribution sector, and medical device manufacturing, as well as for the Government, military and Navy.  We produce custom wire forms with or without coining for OEMs, individual businesses, manufacturers or industrial companies, and we produce custom wire forms for other individual business customers.

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