Wire Forms Fabrication Services Are Available at Western Wire Products Company

Specialty, OEM and Custom Wire Forms Fabrication Services

U.S. wire forms manufacturer and supplier Western Wire Products Company is a full-service wire forms supply company with extensive production capabilities and we offer custom wire forms fabrication services to our business clients in need of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), specialty and completely custom wire forms.  We supply Maintenance and Repair Operations, national hardware distribution channels, specialty markets, construction, Plumbing & Electrical, HVAC installation and repair, construction companies, the automotive industry, manufacturing and industrial clients, the electronics sector, and specialty markets including medical device manufacturers, agri-business, food distribution and storage, or even Aerospace hardware supply.

Western Wire Products Co. is a full-service wire forms manufacturer.  We can assist your company from the start with wire form concept to design work, engineering, rapid prototype work, primary fabrication using a wide range of metals and wire diameters, CNC-machining, blank wire forming, multi-slide or four-slide techniques, stampings, additional machining, extensive secondary operations, product finishing services, bulk packaging and shipmen including shipping production lots or inventory stock wire forms throughout the U.S. and globally.

Please review Western Wire Products Co.’s online catalog and extensive inventory of industry-standardized wire form types.  Western Wire Products Co. is a 9001:2015 ISO Certified company, produces ASME-compliant wire forms, ASME-Metric wire forms, and we can meet very stringent production specifications including U.S. Government, military and Navy (AN, MS, NAS, and NASM specifications).

Western Wire Products Co. Offers Full-Service, Custom Wire Forms Fabrication Services

If you do not find the wire forms that your company needs in our inventory, then by all means, request a quote on wire forms fabrication services.  We can offer a wide range of options for businesses.  We can assist you with developing, designing, engineering and produce the specific wire form that will meet your hardware supply needs.

Our business offers custom wire forming backed by extensive experience and production capabilities.  We utilize an extensive range of wire diameters.  We also use a variety of common metal wire, various types of steels, various Stainless Steel grades, MB Spring Wire, Aluminum, and many other metals for base wire or for coating or plating.  Just let us know your specifications and pertinent details.

Currently, our design team and wire forming shop can help your company with:

  • Wire form design meeting engineering industry standards and additional specifications
  • Base materials selection
  • Rapid wire form prototyping
  • Primary fabrication services of simple to complex wire forms
  • Blank wire bending, forming, threading, etc.
  • CNC-machining, CNC-bending, CNC-forming, and CNC-threading using wire diameters from of 0.016” to 0.625”; or, metric sizing from 0.4 mm to 16 mm
  • Precision wire forming: precision blank wire bending, forming, threading, most likely using multi-slide forming or four-slide forming techniques using wire diameters from 0.028” to 0.562”; or, metric sizing options from 0.75 mm to 14 mm
  • Metal wire stamping, or four-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping techniques
  • Wide selection of metals and alloys for secondary operations including coatings and plating
  • Rapid wire form prototyping
  • A job shop that can handle lower-volume, yet highly precise, CNC wire form bending and forming tasks using wire diameters ranging from of 0.016” to 0.625”; metric sizing ranges from 0.4 mm to 16 mm
  • A job shop that can handle higher-volume, precision wire forms (bending, forming, etc.) in primary fabrication using precision wire forming on larger production; these production runs are more cost-effective than CNC-machining usually, and these options include specifically multi-slide forming or four-slide forming fabrication methods, metal wire stamping, and or four-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping techniques
  • Secondary operations and various types of treatments:  Austempering, passivation for sanitary and corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel wire forms, plating or coating options (e.g. electro-coating, electro-plating, powder coats, etc.), and treatments including atmospheric treatments, case hardening, heat treatments or heat-treating, neutral air treatments, stress-relieving treatments, vacuum heat-treating, etc.
  • Additional secondary mechanical operations:  secondary CNC-machining operations, additional precision-machining, bendingchamfering (or creating chamfers), coiningcutting, deburring or vibratory deburring,hydraulic bending, in-process staking or staking, punching, stampingstraighteningswaging, tapping, secondary threading, wire tube/pipe/thin wall conduit forming
  • Additional finishing services and options:  additional machining or welding services as requested
  • Bulk packaging, or shipment of complete production runs using our extensive selection of wire forms fabrication services
  • Additional options per request

You can learn more about our extensive inventory of wire forms as well as reviewing our Resource Articles regarding custom manufacturing and custom wire forms fabrication services.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for Wire Forms Fabrication Services

If you have not reviewed our product categories, you may review our online product catalog, or review the wire forms Visual Index.  Our standard inventory wire forms include:  Wire FormsMechanical Fasteners (or Wire Fasteners), Wire HandlesWire Hangers, and Custom Springs.  We can offer your company full-service, custom wire forms fabrication and services to produce the exact, precision wire forms that your business needs for an OEM part, to replace wire forms no longer in production, or to realize new wire form designs that meet your requirements.

Western Wire Products Co.’s expertise covers a wide range general, OEM, specialty, and custom wire forms fabrication.  We have been in the business for over 100 years, and with over 100 pieces of different types of production equipment and machinery in our production facility, we can accommodate most wire form fabrication services (within our wire diameter capacity) and production requests.

We do ship globally. U.S. and international businesses contacting Western Wire Products Co. about inventory stock or sales (email at: [email protected]), or your company can request a quote on wire forms fabrication services. You may call us at 800-325-3770, or locally at 636-305-1100 in the St. Louis area.