Custom Wire Form Straightening, Bending and Fabrication Services

Full-Service Wire Forms Fabrication Including Wire Straightening

Western Wire Products Company provides full-service wire forms manufacturing to meet the needs of diverse supply markets, Original Equipment Manufacturers, industrial companies, Plumbing & Electrical, HVAC manufacturing and repair, Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), construction, the automotive sector, Aerospace Hardware supply, general hardware supply, agribusiness, and many other markets.  We can assist business at every step of the wire forms fabrication process including design, engineering, materials selection, primary wire fabrication services including straightening or flattening wire, secondary operations including secondary straightening for finalized wire form geometries, product finishing, and bulk shipments.  We offer a large production capacity utilizing a wide range of metal wire in various grades.  Whether you require a simple wire form with one straightened segment or leg or your company requires wire forms with complex geometries that need straightening of more than one segment or leg, we can most likely handle your production requests.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for inventory stock purchases or to request complete, OEM, specialty or custom wire forms fabrication services.  You may reach Western Wire Products by e-mail with your production questions or product requests at: [email protected]. Business customers may call us nationwide at 800-325-3770 to begin your project.

Complex Wire Form Geometries, Bending, Straightening and Producing the Specified Shape

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates a wide range of complex wire forms.  Whether you require simple wire forms fabrication with one bend (e.g. V-Hooks, J-Hooks, signage hangers and hooks, pipe or tubing hooks, Hanger Bars, etc.) or smaller hangers and hooks with a straightened “leg”) or your company requires wire forms with multiple and/or multiple complex bends and geometries (e.g. All-Purpose Tie Wires, Lock Pins, Hitch Pins/Hitch Pin Clips, Grip Clips, Clinch Pins, etc.), after creating those bends, the wire form leg or legs may require straightening including CNC-machining, precision or simple straightening techniques.

Whether your company requires straightening of one leg or both legs/ends of a wire form, or straightening of a the wire between bends, curves or complex geometries, Western Wire Products Co. can offer you a wide range of services to accommodate specialty, OEM or custom wire forms production requests.

Some of the basic straightening options include:

  • Original material, spooled wire straightening
  • CNC-machining to straighten wire or part of a wire form, or a leg, to very specific dimensions, specifications or requested requirements
  • Precision machining to straighten wire or part of a wire form, or a leg, to meet your specifications
  • Precision straightening applicable to wire form square tubing
  • Straightening extruded and or flattened wire
  • Creating one straighten leg after simple or complex bends
  • Creating two straightened legs after a simple bend or complex geometries
  • Straightening a portion of the wire form with single bends after the straightened segment, or straightening a portion of the wire form with multiple or complex bends on either side of the straightened area
  • Straightening wire form stampings depending on the application and specified geometry
  • Straightening wire in preparation for or after chamfering, coining, cutting, drilling, stamping or other secondary operations

You can review these and many other types of wire forms with straightened legs or straightened segments followed by complex bends by taking a look at are main product categories:  general wire formswire handleswire hangersmechanical fasteners, and custom-made springs.

Review Western Wire Products Co.’s catalog and/or Visual Index to see pictures and dimensions of standardized inventory products.  If you need OEM, specialty, custom or other industry-standard wire forms involving straightening, bending, or other procedures, then your company may request full-service, custom fabrication services for other types of wire from products—please review our secondary operations below for more information about particular services offered.

Wire Form Diameter Capacity for Straightening and Fabrication Services

Whether your company requires straightening of spooled wire, straightening of a leg or two after a simple bend, straightening of a segment of the a wire form with a complex geometry, or you require wire form square tubing with straightening or flattening, Western Wire Products Co. does accommodate production work utilizing a considerable range of wire diameters.  We offer design, engineering, rapid product prototyping, general primary fabrication services including basic wire straightening, CNC wire bending,CNC wire forming, and cost-effective multi-slide forming or four-slide forming methods—we use MB Spring Wire, but we offer a range of steel grades, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, and other metal wire for custom fabrications.

We utilize over 100 pieces of production machinery.  We can accommodate wire forms fabrication, including flattening, straightening, bending and other operations.  We can create wire forms using:

  • Wire diameters of 0.016” to 0.625” (metric wire diameters of 0.4 mm to 16 mm) for lower-volume, highly-precise, CNC-machining fabrication runs (primary fabrication services)
  • Wire diameters of 0.028” to 0.562” (metric wire diameters of 0.75 mm to 14 mm) using higher-volume, precision four-slide or multi-slide forming techniques
  • Strip Steel Wire to 16 gauge

Additional Secondary Operations for Custom Wire Forms Fabrication

Once primary fabrication is completed including straightening, flattening, extrusion or similar methods, we can then move on to creating your wire form geometries, simple or complex, with one or more straightened segments or straightened legs.

Western Wire Products Co. offers business customers a wide range of secondary operations:  Austempering, secondary wire bendingchamfering (creating cuts or chamfers, frequently in preparation for deburring), coining, deburring/vibratory deburring, in-process staking, machining (CNC-machining, precision-machining, etc.), passivation of Stainless Steels, applying plating or coatings (e.g. electro-coating/e-coating of metals, alloys; applying powder coats), punching, staking, strip forming, tapping, secondary threading service, applying treatments (e.g. heat treatments, atmospheric/neutral air treatments, stress-relieving treatments, or vacuum heat-treating, and case hardening if applicable), wire stamping (e.g. four-slide stamping or multi-slide stamping), additional or secondary wire straightening, wire swaging, and welding services if required.

Be sure to contact us about additional fabrication services or operations.  We do offer a wide range of ASME-compliant metals and alloys for plating and coating, or for general product finishing.  We can explore using other metals or investigate specific alloys per business customer request for custom production work.

Request a price quote on custom fabrication, straightening and secondary operations for your company’s wire forms.  Please let us know about your project.  We can help your company from design to fabrication to wire forms finishing services.

Western Wire Products Co. Ships to U.S. and Global Business Customers

Business operating in the U.S. may take advantage of our business-to-business services for stocking and shipping.  We provide bulk-packed shipments.  U.S. businesses may request location-to-location shipping (LTL shipping), “just-in-time” shipping, Kan Ban stocking options, or have entire production lots shipped to a warehouse or other location.

Additionally, Western Wire Products Co. ships inventory stock and complete production runs to businesses located in Mexico, Canada, in Central America, in South America, or to Australia, much of Europe, to Japan and other countries in Asia.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for custom wire forms manufacturing including straightening of simple or complex wire form geometries.  You may reach us nationwide at 800-325-3770, or by e-mail at: [email protected].