Shields & Bushings:  Custom Wire Forms Fabrication

Does Your Business Need Shields & Bushings or Shields for Use with Bushings and Assemblies?

If you need a manufacturer of fabrication partner to produce wire from shields & bushings or to manufacture other types of shields, studs, guards or other wire from metal plate designs to protect wiring, cables, components, assemblies or connections in commercial or residential construction, or for other uses including in the automotive, aerospace/aviation, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, or other market sectors, then Western Wire Products Company (800-325-3770) can offer over 100 pieces of production machinery for custom wire from fabrications.  We have been in operations for over 100 years and wire forms fabrication is our expertise!

Wire Form Shields & Bushings to Meet the Needs of Diverse Market Sectors and Industries

There are many differing requirements for wire form shields & bushings and for wire form shields designed for use with bushings or to protect electrical wiring, cables or other parts of electrical systems.  The design of shields are dependent on a particular industry or the intended use for of these types of wire forms.  Many manufacturers utilize shields and/or bushings for use in the automotive industry (motors and electrical systems), for heat shields, protective shields for cables and wires, for use with electrical connections, splices, connectors, ends and terminals (you can learn more about our automotive wire forms or learn more about our automotive stampings).

Other industries utilize these types of products in residential and commercial construction work, wiring and cabling, add protective guards or plates (Stud Guards and Stud Plates) that comply with U.S. electrical codes to protect wiring, conduits or connections from accidental damage—the most frequent uses are for electrical wiring inside walls and behind drywall, so, later Plumbing & Electrical work, later HVAC installation or repair work, or later commercial Repair and Maintenance Operations (MRO) work may need the added safety for repair personnel as well as protecting electrical wiring from accidental damage.

Other industries utilize shields & bushings in electronics, audio, video and electrical cabling, connectors for cabling, for aviation uses (learn more about our Aerospace Hardware supply), for machinery and equipment of all sizes including manufacturing or heavy industrial machinery, or the automotive sector, industrial and manufacturing applications, general hardware supply and resale.   Other markets such as general hardware supply sells wire forms with fairly mundane applications such as sheaths on fasteners, small protective metal stampings, shaft bushings, or even for anchor bolt sleeves.  The primary requirements are protective, but there is also frequently a need to deal with electricity, thus the shields offer resistance or conductivity to usually low-level electrical currents.

Some of the varied designs, sizes and shapes of shields and/or bushing seam types (e.g. oval, round, tall and small designs, split seam, butt seams, etc.) offer you a wide selection of wire form designs.  These types of shields or basic stampings as well as associated bushings are used as heat shields for automotive parts, protective shields for wiring, ends, terminals, splices, connections, split seam spacers, cable shielding, cable wire shields, electrical wire shielding, other related shielding stampings/fabrications.  Other fabrication designs include: sheaths, shaft bushings, various fastener applications, sleeves for bolts or other hardware, or other designs intended to be used on their own, with assemblies, or for combinations that use both, specifically general shields & bushings.  Other related wire forms include inserts or shims that are used with other wire forms or components, general parts, other component assemblies even including motors, or with Contact Assemblies, or other cabling or wiring connection device(s), for instance.

We also stock Hanger Iron (e.g. Perforated Hanger Iron, Twist-Slot Hanger Bar, Tinner’s Tape), and other useful wire forms and protective guards, plates or shields for indoor wiring and cabling for commercial and residential construction use, commercial Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO), HVAC (air conditioning, heating and general ventilation work and repair tasks), residential wiring, and many other market sectors.

You may review our wire forms catalog and/or Visual Index as well as download individual catalog pages for your later reference.

Full-Service Manufacturer, Standard Inventory Stock

Western Wire Products Co. offers business customers full-service, custom fabrication services for wire forms in general or for wire form shields, studs or guards to protect wiring or for use in components with bushings to protect your other wire form products from damage.  You can discuss custom fabrication of shields & bushings for your company’s use or for resale, let us know what other types of wire forms or metal stampings that you need for operations, manufacturing or sales.

With over 100 pieces of production machinery, Western Wire Products Co. can accommodate production work for specific types of wire forms fabrications including: design, engineering, rapid prototyping, primary fabrication, CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, cost-effective multi-slide forming/four-slide forming services.  Companies can choose a wide range of additional fabrication and finishing services on custom production runs.  We offer these services as well as an extensive list of secondary operations and finishing services—please let us know your full requirements for custom wire forms fabrication.

We maintain an extensive wire forms inventory.  Some of our inventory may meet your needs for use as shields for bushings or other requirements.  Please take a few moments to look through our stock of industry-standard wire forms.  Our standardized inventory stock includes general wire forms,mechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, and custom-made springs product categories.

Request a price quote on custom fabrication of shields & bushings or other wire forms to be used in conjunction or combination with one or more other types of wire forms, stampings, components or other types of parts.

Western Wire Products Co. Ships Shields for Bushings and Other Wire Forms Worldwide

For businesses requiring a manufacturer for your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) wire forms or hardware supply, be sure to contact Western Wire Products Co. about custom fabrication services of shields, guards, protective shields and related stampings. We offer an extensive list of general wire forms and also custom finishing services for custom wire forms.

U.S. business customers may take advantage of Kan Ban stocking, direct inventory stocking and “just-in-time” shipping options.  We do ship wire forms throughout the U.S. and to businesses worldwide.  Currently, we ship inventory stock or custom production runs to companies in Canada or Mexico, or throughout the rest of the Americas, to businesses in Europe, Asia, Japan and Australia.

Business customers may call us at 800-325-3770 (toll-free in the U.S.).  You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct by e-mail with inventory or service and fabrication questions at: [email protected].