Wire Form Fabrication and Hand Bending Wire

Specialty, OEM and Custom Wire Forms: Do You Need a Hand Bending Option?

Wire forms fabricated for end-user hand bending, or hand bending in the production process can lead to very complex wire forms, or simple wire forms that may be useful for Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), Plumbing & Electrical, HVAC manufacturing and repair, Original Equipment Manufacturers, industrial companies, the automotive sector, the construction sector, general manufacturers, shippers, Aerospace Hardware supply, general hardware supply, agribusiness, and many other markets.  You may need a company that can produce wire form prototypes that may have a part of the wire form for hand bending, twisting, or other option, and many of these types of products tend to be hangers and mechanical fasteners.  Wire for shipping, retail signage and other uses may have an end of a wire form that an end-user may use to bend, secure to another side of the wire form, twist, break off, or other options.

Western Wire Products Company is a full-service wire forms manufacturer and supplier of OEM, custom, specialty and industry standard wire forms to national distribution channels, direct to corporations and businesses, to shippers, business of all kinds, and even retail hardware markets with smaller retail wire form assortment packs.  Most of our inventory stock items are shipped in bulk.

Business may also request start-to-finish wire forms fabrication services, primary fabrication, secondary operations and product finishing services.  You may reach Western Wire Products direct by e-mail with any wire forms production questions, inquiries about inventory stock, or for help designing and manufacturing specialty, OEM or completely custom wire forms.  You can also reach us at: [email protected].  Also, businesses may call us nationwide, toll-free, at 800-325-3770, in order to begin the process of custom manufacturing wire forms to meet your supply needs and specifications.

What Types of Wire Forms Are Designed for Hand Bending Use?

There are almost as many potential uses of finished wire forms requiring end-user hand bending as you can think of.  First, we offer a wide range of product options in our general wire form inventory stock.  Our general wire form product categories including these main types of wire forms:  mechanical fasteners, general wire formswire handleswire hangers, and custom springs.

Some of the types of wire forms that may require user hand bending, twisting, or other physical manipulation can include simple wire forms (e.g. those with one bend for instances) or quite complex forms.  Some of the wide range of wire forms in our inventory that require user hand bending are:  Clinch PinsDouble C Sign HangersGrip ClipsHitch PinsKey RingsKey SnapsPear ClipsS Iron/Hanger IronSafety Pin FastenersTag FastenersShipping Tag Wire (All-Purpose Shipping Tags), Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners, and many other types of hangers, ties, construction/electrical/plumbing/HVAC-relate hangers, handles, wire forms and mechanical fasteners.

Review Western Wire Products Co.’s catalog and/or Visual Index in order to review our current products and also for ideas about your own wire form designs or prototyping.

Wire Diameter Capacity for Wire Forms Hand Bending

Hand bending may be part of a requirement for developing one or more variants of a wire form, hanger, mechanical fastener, shipping wire, signage wire, or even for electrical, plumbing, pipe, tubing or other requirements.  We do feed our precision and CNC-production machinery wire lengths or roll wire, usually our standard MB Spring Wire, and we may set precision bends or secondary operations by hand, so, in these types of production processes, we do hand bending in our job shop.  Sometimes, hand bending may be necessary for producing the initial designs of simple wire forms or complex wire forms (complex wire form geometries).

Western Wire Products does offer wire form design and engineering services, rapid product prototyping, primary fabrication services which can include hand bending or wire straightening to feed machinery.  For actual production, even of wire forms requiring a portion of the shape to be manipulated by an end-user, or hand bending a completely fabricated wire form.

For general production though, Western Wire Products Co. offers over 100 pieces of production machinery that is much, much more precise than any hand bending of wire for initial wire form geometries.  We utilize production machinery for CNC wire bending and/or CNC wire forming offering high-precision fabrication; or, your company may have us create precision, yet cost-effective multi-slide forming orfour-slide forming machinery and techniques.

So, what wire diameters does Western Wire Products Co.’s production job shop accommodate for custom fabrications?

    • MB Spring Wire
    • Various steel wire grades, Aluminum wire, Stainless Steel grades, and other metals

Blank wire primary fabrication

  • Nearly limitless wire length for fabrications
  • Wire diameters ranging from 0.016” to 0.625”—with metric wire diameters ranging from 0.4 mm to 16 mm; this wire diameter range is for lower-volume, high-precision, CNC-machining fabrication production runs
  • Wire diameters that range from 0.028” to 0.562”—with metric wire diameters ranging from 0.75 mm to 14 mm; we use higher-volume, precision four-slide or multi-slide forming techniques with these particular wire diameters and this provides clients with cost-effective primary fabrication options
  • Strip Steel Wire up to 16 gauge steels

Secondary Operations for Wire Forms Available at Western Wire Products Co.

Western Wire Products Co. offers business clients an extensive list of secondary operations and product finishing services.  We do utilize hydraulic bending with most machinery, be we do also offer options for creating wire forms that require hand bending, manipulation, twisting or similar options.  Just a handful of our secondary operations that may be useful to business customers includes bendingsecondary wire bendingchamfering (or creating cuts or chamfers), cutting, deburring/vibratory deburring, general machining, punching, staking, straightening, strip forming, tapping, secondary threading service, applying treatments, wire stamping (e.g. four-slide stampingmulti-slide stamping), secondary wire straightening, wire swaging, and welding.

Above is a partial list of secondary operations; feel free to ask about available services including other production options that is conducive to use hand bending tasks as required.  We do meet ASME compliance standards and we can meet other industry standards including for U.S. Government and military requirements,

Request a quote for custom wire forms fabrication including fabrication and finishing of wire forms, hangers and mechanical fasteners that may require use hand bending, twisting or other types of mechanical manipulation.

Contact Western Wire Products Co.

Western Wire Products Co. ships inventory stock wire forms and custom-made fabrications to U.S. and international business customers.  U.S. companies may take advantage of our all of our various shipping methods.  We do also produce custom production runs for U.S. and global business customers.  Businesses may contact Western Wire Products Co. for inventory stock ordering or to begin your request for custom wire forms fabrication services.  Companies may call us nationwide at 800-325-3770.  Also, you can reach our Sales Department by e-mail at: [email protected].