Wire Form Brochures & Catalogs

Western Wire Products offers a wide range of standard, custom, and specialty wire forms. View our brochures for more details on our major product types, or contact us if you have questions.

Standard Wire Form Products

We offer a variety of standard products including cotter pins, hitch pin clips, s hooks, d rings, and much more. View the brochure to see our full line of standard parts and available materials.

Standard Products Brochure

Custom Wire Form Products

We offer specialty and custom wire forming from wire diameters .012″ to .625″ or .3mm to 16mm. View the brochure to learn more about our capabilities and product options. 

Custom Products Brochure

Cotter Pins

Western Wire offers a variety of cotter pins to different standards, including NAS, MS, and more.

Cotter Pin Brochure

D Rings

Our D Rings are available in plain and stainless steel, plus a variety of plated finishes.

D Ring Brochure

S Hooks

Our S Hooks are ideal for industrial, commercial, and even personal use applications.

S Hooks Brochure

External Hitch Pin Clips

Western Wire’s external hitch pin clips are general-purpose, snap on clips used for a range of applications.

External Hitch Pin Clip Brochure

Internal Hitch Pin Clips

Also known as hairpin cotters, bridge pins, r-keys, r-clips, or presto pins, internal hitch pin clips are economical and reusable fasteners.

Internal Hitch Pin Clip Brochure

Hog Rings

We offer several different sizes and varieties of hog rings, with both standard and bulk packaging.

Hog Ring Brochure