Wire Forms Fabrication Services to Meet Your Company’s Tube Forming Designs and Specifications

Wire Forms Available for Use with Your Custom Tube Forming Designs

If your company requires a supplier for OEM, standardized, specialty or custom wire forms to meet specific tube forming designs and usage, then Western Wire Products Company in Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis metropolitan area) is the manufacturer to rely upon for various wire form designs for your custom tubing and custom pipe designs.  We offer standardized products to meet the needs of construction, wiring (electricians), HVAC and plumbing requirements.  You may have customized tube forming specifications that require standard, specialty or completely custom-made wire forms.  We can accommodate a wide range of production requirements for hanger iron, pipe hooks, pipe straps, wiring/cabling/electrical conduits and related items.

We are a major supplier to national distribution channels (and international distribution channels), for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), general Maintenance Repair and Operations (MROs) companies.  We can meet a wide range of fabrication, secondary operations and wire forms finishing and production standards.

Please contact Western Wire Products Company direct for purchases of inventory stock wire forms, international shipping, or to request custom design, engineering service, rapid sample prototyping, and custom production lot fabrication services.  You may reach Western Wire Products Company nationwide at 800-325-3770; or, you may e-mail your product and service questions to: [email protected].

Standardized, Specialty and Custom Wire Forms for Use with Your Company’s Tube Forming Designs

Western Wire Products Company is celebrating 100 years in the wire forms fabrication business.  And with that long-term fabrication experience, along with over 100 pieces of production, we are situated to offer a wide range of standardized and custom wire forms fabrications.  We offer products in several standardized product categories:  wire formswire handleswire hangersmechanical fasteners, and custom-made springs. We use a variety of precision, CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming methods and machinery.  Hollow wire forms or wire tube forming services may be available for you specific requirements utilizing our multi-slide and four-slide manufacturing equipment, specifically, wire swaging.  Please ask us about tube bending or wire forms fabrication services for use with your tube bending/formingrequirements—general machining, wire stamping, punching and many other primary fabrication services, secondary operations and product finishing services are available for our clients.

Pipe/Tubing Hooks, Hanger Iron and Perforated FHA Straps

We produce a variety of simple to quite complex wire forms to accommodate the needs of variation industries including construction, electrical installation, HVAC and various plumbing requirements.  We offer business clients rapid prototype work for OEM, standardized, specialty and custom wire forms.  Regardless of your custom tube forming/bending designs and need for standard or custom-made wire forms, we can assist you with selecting or fabricating FHA Straps, hanger iron, J-Hooks, Tubing/Pipe Straps, S-Hooks or other wire forms.

Some of our hooks, straps and other wire forms for hanging your custom tube forms includes:

  • FHA Straps
    • Standardized selections of FHA Straps for plumbing and electrical wire forms installation
    • Perforated and/or punched FHA Straps available
    • Our standardized sizing includes: 1-½” wide straps available in standard lengths (9”, 12” and 18”)
    • Inventory supply of FHA Straps (16 or 18 gauge)
    • Additional lengths/wire diameter sizing available for custom designs
  • Hanger Iron
    • Available in several standardized wire form designs and sizing
    • Perforated Hanger Bars – bars have 17/64” holes accommodating ¼” bolts; holes are evenly spaced throughout the Hanger Bar
    • Twist-Slot Hanger Bar – bars have 7/8” slots to slip the strap end through in order to twist or bend; also, this Twist-Slot Hager Bar design offers alternating 17/64” holes accommodating ¼” bolts, and 1/8” holes for nails (standard Hanger Bars are available in 28 and 24 gauge only)
    • Ductape Brand Tinner’s Tape – this Tinner’s Tape offers evenly-spaced and alternating 17/64” holes accommodating ¼” bolts, and 1/8” holes for use with nails
  • J-Hooks
    • Ideal wire forms and an industry-standard wire form for use in commercial and residential applications
    • Secure pipes, tubing, conduits, cables and electrical wiring
    • Copper-coated or zinc-coated J-Hooks are available in standard sizing (½”, ¾”, and 1”)
  • Pipe Hooks
    • Standard sizing available or choose for specialty designs or custom production runs for the size and style of hooks that you need for your business operations
    • Standardized sizing selections are available accommodating all standard tubing and pipe outer diameters (O.D.)
    • 10 gauge Pipe Hooks are available with a plastic coating (standard Pipe Hooks are in 6” lengths)
    • Pipe Hooks are available plain or opt for a copper-coated finish
    • “Copper Boys” (a.k.a. tubing hangers) are available in our standard sizing (12-½ gauge designed to fit ½” and ¾” copper tubing) with copper coating finish
  • Pipe Straps (Snap-on-Straps)
    • Standardized Pipe Straps are available with a basic one-hole design
    • Pipe Straps are ideal for thin-wall tubing applications or for thin-wall pipes and conduits
    • Some pipe straps are available utilizing galvanized steel with/without copper coatings
    • One-Hole (T.W.) Straps – available in standard sizing; or request customized variants to meet your company’s requirements
    • Two-Hole Pipe Straps – available in a various standard sizes; or opt for customized designs/fabrication and production that meets your business specifications
  • S-Hooks
    • Our standard sizing may be ideal for you tube forming designs and for customized pipe fabrications
    • S-Hooks are frequently ideal for wiring and cable conduits (with or without conduit protective devices/sheaths)
    • Our standardized S-Hooks are zinc-coated wire forms—the zinc-coating maintains appearance while resisting corrosion
    • Standard S-Hook, wire diameter sizes (various configurations) include a wide range of wire diameters (review S-Hooks on the tube bending page)
    • We can explore custom designs of S-Hooks to meet your company’s exact specifications
    • Most S-Hooks are available in stainless steel (ask about passivation for stainless steel wire forms)
    • Standard sizing bulk lots available

Perforated Stud Plates are also available construction, wiring, HVAC or other applications related to hanging hooks for small tubing, pipes, conduits or electrical cabling.

Request a quote on wire forms accommodating your tube forming designs (wholesale, retail or for use by your employees.  Western Wire Products Company is a full-service wire forms manufacturer.  We can fabricate wire forms to accommodate a wide range of specialty and custom tube forming/bending design requirements.

Contact Western Wire Products Company for Business Services

As a primary manufacturer and national and international business-to-business (B2B) supplier of wire forms, we can accommodate custom wire forms fabrication to meet your tube forming design specifications and requirements.  Be sure to get the exact wire forms for your applications.  We meet diverse standards for widely different market sectors.  If our standardized products do not meet your custom tubing and pipe designs, then discuss custom design and fabrications to meet your parts supply requirements.

We sell wire forms and ship to companies throughout the U.S. and to international clients.  We ship wire forms to Canada, Central America, Mexico, South America, throughout Europe, to Australia, Japan, and to businesses in countries elsewhere in Asia.

Please contact Western Wire Products Company direct about custom fabrications or about international shipping options.  You may Western Wire Products Company at 800-325-3770; or, feel free to e-mail us: [email protected].