Key Snaps Are Available from Western Wire Products Company

Wire Forms Manufacturer of Key Snaps and Related Products

Western Wire Products Company, a leading U.S., St. Louis-based wire forms manufacturer, fabricates a range of standardized Key Snaps and other wire forms.  We are a leading supplier of OEM, standard, specialty and custom-made wire forms.  We have a standardized type of Key Snaps that are ideal for most applications and we supply wire forms to diverse market sectors including to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), national distribution channels, to individual companies requiring standardized products and/or custom wire form fabrications, and to international clients as well.

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct to purchase inventory stock items or to request custom fabrication and production run specifications.  We offer customers design services, engineering, rapid prototype work, full-service primary fabrication, a wide range of secondary operations, product finishing, packaging and shipping.  You may call Western Wire Products Co. toll-free at 800-325-3770; or, you may e-mail your product or service inquiries to: [email protected].

Standardized, Wire Form Product Categories and Fabrication Services

Western Wire Products Co. offers businesses a wide range of standardized wire forms, and we fabricate OEM, specialty and custom wire form designs for specific requirements and business usage.  Our standardized wire forms are available in several general product categories, which include general wire formsmechanical fastenerswire handles, and wire hangers.  We also fabricate a wide range of custom-made springs including industrial, stainless steel and torsion spring varieties—just let us know your specifications if you need springs.

We offer our business clients custom fabrication services.  These services include, but are not limited to, general product design (or we can use your company’s design(s)), wire form engineering, fabricating simple to quite complex wire forms, and wire form(s) prototype work.  With over 100 pieces of general production machinery and equipment at our facility in Fenton, MO, we can accommodate highly-precise CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming methods, and offer wire threading (primary and secondary threading), precision multi-slide formingfour-slide forming or other wire forming services per your company’s production request(s).

Additionally, we are a full-service fabrication shop.  We provide businesses with a wide range materials selection options, primary fabrication services, secondary operations, a variety of coating and/or treatment options, general wire forms finishing services, wire forms product packaging (bulk packaging, distribution packaging and occasional retail packaging options), and a variety of shipping and inventory stocking services.  You can also rely on Western Wire Products Co. to provide your business with competitive lead times to market if your wire forms are for resale or parts distribution uses.

Key Snaps and Related Standardized Wire Forms Available from Western Wire Products

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates standardized Key Snaps and a variety of related wire form products that may be useful for similar reasons.  The list below is only a partial listing, you are welcome to review our Wire Forms Visual Index catalog at any time.  You may download individual catalog pages for later reference as well.  Our Key Snaps, Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners, Shipping Tag Wire, Pear Clips and Ring Clips may meet your specific usage requirements.  Of course, if your company is using different metals, alloys, finishing options, or non-standard dimensions, please contact us about custom fabrication of Key Snaps or other wire forms.

Our standard Key Snaps are:

  • Fabricated using 3/32” nominal diameter wire
  • Manufactured using Half-Round Spring Wire (High Carbon Steel and heat-treated for spring back)
  • Available as Zinc-coated upon request
  • Available as Nickel-coated Stainless Steel upon request
  • Available in packages weighing on average 2 lbs. per 1000 pieces

Some of our related wire forms/fasteners that may meet your specific requirements include:

  • Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners – available in No. 2 (Oval shape, 17 gauge standard), No. 3 (Diamond shape; 17 gauge standard), No. 4 (Diamond shape; 16 gauge standard) No. 5 (Oval shape; 15 gauge standard; available in Blunt Point only); these are bulk packed; Stainless Steel is available upon request; available in Blunt Point or Sharp Point styles; review the Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners catalog page
  • Pear Clips – 1-3/8” width on the inside diameter and 2-5/8” length on the inside diameter standard fabricated using Zinc-coated steel; Stainless Steel available upon request; review the Pear Clips catalog page
  • Ring Clips – Zinc coated with Stainless Steel available (ask for a price quote);  we offer sizing to fit a range of shafts including:  ¼” Heavy, ¼” Extra Heavy, 5/16” Regular, 3/8” Regular, ½” Regular, ½” Heavy, 5/8” Regular, ¾” Regular, 3/4 Heavy, 7/8” Heavy, and 1” Regular sizing; review the Ring Clips catalog page
  • Shipping Tag Wire – our standard Shipping Tag Wires are fabricated using 16 gauge galvanized steel; available in bulk packaging

B2B Inventory Stocking, Worldwide Shipping and How to Contact Western Wire Products Co.

As your full-service fabrication shop, we offer business-to-business services besides custom wire forms fabrication.  Business are welcome to buy bulk inventory stock of standardized wire forms including Key Snaps at any time.  We offer businesses a variety of stocking options including Kan Ban stocking, inventory stocking, “just-in-time” stocking/delivery options, stocking of complete production runs (usually for custom fabrication requested by a client), and shipping throughout the United States.  We also ship wire forms worldwide and we generally have clients already in Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Australia, Japan and elsewhere in Asia, at almost any given time.  We can accommodate a wide range of production standards, industry standards, automotive, aviation/aerospace, military-compliant, and even sanitary production standards including metric sizing options—just let us know your specifications.  We do request that international customers contact Western Wire Products Co. to discuss your available shipping requirements and available options from Western Wire Products Co.

You may call Western Wire Products Co. nationwide at 800-325-3770.  You may e-mail product questions or custom fabrication service requests to: [email protected].