Custom J Bolts and Fabrication Services from Western Wire Products Company

Opt for Custom-Made J Bolts for Your Company’s Assembly and Manufacturing Requirements

If your business requires OEM, industry-standard, specialty or completely custom-designed J Bolts or similar wire forms for specific applications and product assembly, or for resale, then Western Wire Products Company is the company to turn to for J Bolts and other wire forms.  In business for a 100 years, we have long been a major, U.S. wire forms for diverse market sectors.  We offer an extensive inventory of wire forms, and we can fabricate fully or partially threaded J Bolts to meet your manufacturing, product assembly or parts resale requirements.  We offer a wide range of wire forms that accommodate mechanical fastening and/or weight bearing capacities.  J Bolts come with standardized hex nuts for the threaded arm and if you need metric sizing or custom sizes in inches, please let us know about your fabrication requirements a specs.

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory stock purchases, or to request custom wire forms fabrication and finishing services.  You may call us in in Fenton, Missouri, toll-free at 800-325-3770; or, e-mail us with product or service inquiries at: [email protected].

J Bolts for Diverse Market Sectors

J Bolts are used in a wide range of product assemblies, in the furniture industry, particularly for use with springs and hooks for internal assembly of furniture with varying weight capacity, to affix sheet metal to wood, to affix general construction materials, metals, wire forms, or completely finished products such as toolboxes to truck beds, for hanging or securing pipes, tubing, wiring, conduits, cables, or even to affix various types of structures and assemblies to metal frameworks or wood frameworks—the usages are nearly limitless.  Whether you need heavy duty J Bolts for construction purposes, for industrial uses or manufacturing, or you just need J Bolts for resale for your individual customers’ needs for securing items to trucks, campers, RVs, trailers, or around the house and farm, then we can assist you with full-service, J Bolt design, prototyping, primary fabrication services, secondary operations, product finishing services and shipping to your preferred location.

As a note:  we fabricate and stock a wide inventory of general wire forms in product categories including:wire formsmechanical fastenerswire hangerswire handles, and custom springs including steel torsion springs and industrial springs.  We supply leading parts distribution channels, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), the construction industry, HVAC assembly and repair, the automotive industry, the military, aviation/aerospace, agriculture, food processing and medical device manufacturers with sanitary wire forms, wholesalers, distributors, individual businesses, Plumbing & Electrical companies, and many other market sectors including international clients.

J Bolts Are Ideal for Product Assemblies Requiring Weight-Bearing and/or Fastening Capacity

J Bolts are an ideal wire form for a wide range of product assembly requirements, for general manufacturers and assembling companies that require weight bearing capacity and fastening wire forms to wood or metal frameworks.  J Bolts, usually threaded on the arm length, are used in a wide range of applications and are used by furniture assembly businesses, in construction, for automotive applications such as installing toolboxes in utility trucks and pickups, and in a wide range of other market sectors.  A frequent requirement for almost any usage is for usage requiring a weight bearing capacity or a fastening capacity to wood or metal frameworks.  With furniture, frequently the arm of the J Bolt is frequently bolted to the wood framework while the anchor (the “J” part of the J Bolt) holds a spring, hook or hoop for instance.

Besides usage in wood in construction, you will frequently see J Bolts used as an anchor in concrete—usually installed when concrete is poured and/or setting—and is used an anchor bolt to attach a variety of other wire forms or mechanical fasteners including those with hoops, hooks or eyes.  A wide range of other J Bolt usages include affixing materials or finished products to metal or wood frameworks, affixing sheet metal to wood, installing accessories onto vehicles and/or truck beds, or for a wide range of temporary or permanent construction requirements, for use in heavy industry, shed assemblies, scaffolding, installing wiring, cables, tubing, pipes, conduits, and many other applications for temporary use or for outdoor structures.

Request custom J Bolts to meet your company’s specific requirements.  Western Wire Products Co. can assist your company with fabricating custom J Bolts including:

  • General product design and prototype work
  • Materials selection
  • Primary fabrication services
  • Precision machining including CNC wire bending and CNC wire formingmulti-slide formingand four-slide forming
  • Additional wire forming services to meet exacting specifications
  • Complex wire forms fabrication services for complex geometries/shapes
  • Primary or secondary threading of J Bolts—threaded straight arm per your specifications
  • Providing durable hex nuts with J Bolts (in inches or metric sizing)
  • Providing other wire forms, mechanical fasteners, plates, stud plates, custom-made springs, hooks, hoops, wire forms with eyes, etc. for fastening an anchoring
  • Cross-drilling the arm if require—designs may be for unthreaded or partially threaded J Bolt arms as the application requires
  • Secondary operations as required—we have a full-service fabrication shop
  • Product finishing services
  • Additional services available upon request

J Bolts and Additional Wire Forms for Furniture Manufacturing

Besides J Bolts for furniture manufacturer, we also fabricate other wire forms that are frequently used in the furniture assembly industry.  We offer standardized Hog Rings (“Hill Patterned”) and D Rings as well as other useful fasteners.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for J Bolts and Wire Forms

Western Wire Products Co. produces an assortment of standardized and custom wire shapes in various categories.  We recommend that you review some of products to find the wire forms that may meet your company’s application requirements, or you may contact us for assistance design and manufacturing custom wire form shapes to meet your current needs.

Western Wire Products Co. ships to clients worldwide.  We have had, or currently have, business customers in Mexico, Canada, in Central America, Europe, South America, Japan and Asia, and Australia.  International companies, please contact us about wire forms shipping options to your preferred location.

Businesses may contact Western Wire Products Co. for any general inventory stock purchases or to request custom fabrication services.  Your company representative may call us at 800-325-3770; or, e-mail us at: [email protected], with any of your parts supply or fabrication questions.