Western Wire Products Company Manufacturers Humped Cotter Pins, Other Cotter Pins and Custom Wire Forms for Businesses in the U.S.A. and for International Clients

Does Your Business Need a Humped Cotter Pins Supplier?

Western Wire Products Company, a leading, St. Louis-based, U.S. wire forms manufacturer can supply you with inventory stock of standard Humped Cotter Pins and wide variety of other Cotter Pins including: Extended Prong Chisel Point Cotters, Extended Prong Taper Point Cotters, Hammerlocks, Even End Chisel Point Cotters, Even End Taper Point Cotters, Self-Locking Cotters, Tee Head Cotters, Wedge-Fast Cotters, Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Cotters, bulk-packed Large Diameter Cotters, Cotter Pin Assortment Packagers, Metric Cotter Pins, and most of these types of Cotter Pins in standardized options including Zinc-coated, Phosphate-coated Steel Cotters, Steel Cotters, Type 316 Stainless Steel Cotter Pins, Grade 5056 Aluminum Cotters, and a wide range of variant Cotter Pins compliant with Government, military and Navy standards (e.g. MS24665 (NASM24665) or MS9245 (AS9245)).  We also frequently fabricate Cotter Pins compliant with ASME B18.8.1 specifications.  If you require standardized, specialty, OEM or completely custom-fabricated Humped Cotter Pins or other Cotters meeting different U.S. or international market standards, please let us know for your bulk custom production lot.

Industrial companies, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, individual businesses, corporations, hardware chains/stores, and other business customers may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct in order to purchase any of our standardized, inventory stock wire forms in bulk.  Business may request custom fabrication services.  We are a full-service wire forms manufacturer in business now for a 100 years and we have extensive production capacity.  You may call us toll-free at 800-325-3770.  Businesses may e-mail us about inventory stocking, custom production and service inquiries, or about inventory item(s) availability to: [email protected].

Humped Cotter Pins and Variant Cotter Designs, Standard, OEM, Specialty or Custom-Fabricated for Businesses

You may review our Cotter Pins catalog page which includes Humped Cotter Pins as well as other styles of Cotters that may be useful for your particular requirements and/or general inventory stocking of needed wire forms for daily operations or for resale.  We can of course produce different designs, wire diameters and offer various machining options to meet your preferred design(s) and applicable industry production requirements.  If your company requires different metal(s) or alloy(s) as well as treatment, plating or coating options, please let us know and our design and engineering personnel can assist you with getting Humped Cotter Pins, other Cotters, or other wire forms that meet your custom production run specifications.  We can produce Humped Cotter Pins or other wire forms to meet your requirements whether the wire forms are required for different standardized applications, for OEM usage, for specialty usage in product assemblies or for resale, or we can create completely customized Humped Cotter Pins to meet your company’s current requirements.  You may review our entire inventory stock of wire forms through our wire forms catalog or Visual Index, and you may also download catalog pdf files for specific types of Cotters and other wire forms for you later reference.

Request a price quote on custom-fabricated Humped Cotter Pins or other Cotters that meet your company’s current, specific product requirements.  Please let us know about any applicable U.S. or international market standards related to the wire forms that you wish us to manufacture.  We do offer our international business customers metric sizing on some of our standardized wire forms inventory stock, and of course, we can offer you metric sizing for customized and specialty production lots.

Just as another note:  Western Wire Products Co. fabricates a wide range of wire forms in standardized product categories including:  general Wire FormsMechanical FastenersWire HangersWire Handles, and also Custom-Made Springs.

Inventory Cotter Pins, Humped Cotter Pins and Other Types of Cotters Fabricated Upon Request

Western Wire Products Co. has over 100 pieces of production machinery including CNC-machining equipment and precision production equipment.  For custom production orders, we can offer a wide range of wire diameter sizing options, production options including CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming,multi-slide forming and four-slide forming techniques.

Our standard inventory stock of Cotter Pins including Stainless Steel Cotter Pins includes the following industry-standard styles:

  • Humped Cotter Pins – this style is available in 1/16” through ¼” wire diameters; Humped Cotter Pins are available upon request
  • Even End (Chisel Point) – available upon request
  • Even End (Taper Point) – available upon request
  • Extended Prong (Chisel Point) – sizing from 1/32” through 1” wire diameters, or 5/8” through 1” square cut styles
  • Extended Prong (Taper Point) – align the assembly for easy insertion/use; this style is available in 3/32” through 3/8” wire diameter sizes; available upon request
  • Hammerlock – use with castellated nuts for quick, accurate assemblies; available sizing from 1/16” through 3/8” wire diameters; 9/64” sizes is available upon request
  • Self-Locking – use this Cotter when the spreading space is limited; sizing is available up to 5/16” wire diameters; available upon request
  • Tee Head – available upon request

Additional Cotters and Frequent Production Standards Options

Western Wire Products Co. produces a wide range of other Cotters meeting diverse market sector standards.  Any of these standard designs may be used as a basis for custom fabrications meeting your company’s specific requirements and applicable standard(s).

Some of the other styles of Stainless Steel and other Cotter Pins (please review this page for some of the technical specifications and applicable sizing) as well as production standards that we frequently meet include:

Full-Service Manufacturing Services from Western Wire Products Co.

Western Wire Products Co. has a large production facility and we can accommodate custom wire forms production utilizing a wide range of wire diameters.  We offer businesses wire forms fabrication including specialty, OEM and custom designs.  We assist your company with rapid prototype work, general design and engineering services for simple wire forms to very complex wire forms.  We utilize a wide range of production methods including CNC wire bendingCNC wire formingmulti-slide forming and four-slide forming techniques, and a wide range of primary fabrication services.  Additionally, we offer an extensive list of secondary operations, product finishing services and bulk packaging.  Businesses may request custom, bulk production lots.

Western Wire Products Co. offers several types of shipping options to customers in the U.S.  We also ship inventory stock and custom fabrication/production lot orders to international customers in Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and to other countries in Asia.

Businesses may contact Western Wire Products Co. to buy any of our bulk inventory stock wire forms.  You may reach Western Wire Products Co. at 800-325-3770.  Additionally, businesses may contact us by e-mail at: [email protected].