Western Wire Products Company Fabricates Hog Rings and Related Wire Forms

OEM, Specialty and Custom Hog Rings Available from the Manufacturer

If your business is in need of Hog Rings, standardized, “Hill” Patterned, or custom designs, be sure to review the products available from leading, national supplier and manufacturer Western Wire Products Company.  We are a St. Louis-based manufacturer in business for a 100 years and we can offer your company inventory stock, standardized Hog Rings, Fencing Rings, Upholstery Rings, D Rings and various other types of wire forms.  We are a full-service fabrication company with over 100 pieces of fabrication machinery including CNC and precision machinery.

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory stock orders, or to request custom fabrication and production.  You may call us in Fenton, Missouri, toll-free at 800-325-3770; or e-mail your inquiries to: [email protected].

Wire Forms Fabrication and Supply Services

Currently, Western Wire Products Co. supplies a wide range of wire form types for business, manufacturing, assembly companies, repair businesses and other distributors/suppliers.  We are a major U.S. supplier of wire forms and offer companies prototype work, design, engineering, primary fabrication services, secondary operations, product finishing, packaging and shipping worldwide.  We a diverse set of market sectors and can meet a wide range of production standards.  We supply OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), national and international parts distribution channels, and individual businesses as well.

Companies are always welcome to buy any of our inventory stock wire forms direct or request custom manufacturing.  Our main product categories include general wire forms, mechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, and we even manufacture are custom-made springs.  We can fabricate simple or complex wire forms utilizing CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, wire form threading, precisionmulti-slide formingfour-slide forming, and offer additional wire forming services including custom production.

Western Wire Products Co. Manufactures Hog Rings and Related Wire Forms

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates industry-standardized Hog Rings “Hill” Patterned styles (e.g. standard Hog Rings, Pig and Shoat styles, standard), and related wire forms.  You can search our wire forms Visual Index Catalog (note: each entry in the catalog generally has a product listing page and pdf files are available for downloads).

Our standardized inventory stock of Hog Rings “Hill” Patterned includes:

  • “Hill” Patterned style Hog Rings in the following standardized sizing:
    • No. 1 Pig Rings – standard 5/8” opening with a 1-5/32” width
    • No. 2 Shoat Rings – standard ¾” opening with a 1-5/16” width
    • No. 3 Hog Rings – standard 7/8” opening with 1-½” width
    • Standard materials options:  12-½ gauge, Copper-coated; 13 gauge galvanized steels; or 13-½ gauge Stainless Steel available
    • Standard Hog Rings are available in boxes of 100 rings, 10 boxes per carton (1,000 Hog Rings total)
    • Bulk packages available packed with 50 cartons
    • Review Hog Rings “Hill” Patterned and related products
    • Custom wire forms fabrication available
  • Hog Ringers (standard and heavy duty styles) available
  • Hog Ring Pliers are also available

Additional Wire Forms Inventory Similar to Hog Rings

Western Wire Products Co. manufactures other types of wire forms related in shape and size to standard Hog Rings.  We offer inventory stock Fencing Rings and Upholstery Rings.  Additionally, you may want to review our D Rings (review the D Rings product catalog) for other applications.

Our standardized, inventory-stock Fencing Rings specifications are:

  • Standard Fencing Rings are manufactured with 9 gauge galvanized steel
  • Aluminum Fencing Rings available
  • Industry-standard ¾” opening
  • Industry-standard 1-5/8” width
  • Bulk-packed Fencing Rings are available only in 50 piece count cartons
  • Custom fabrication, custom sizing and openings available on request
  • Additional materials options (metals or alloys) available for custom fabrications

Our standardized, inventory-stock Upholstery Rings specifications are:

  • Standard materials fabrication utilizes 14 gauge, bright basic wire
  • Industry-standard ½” opening
  • Industry-standard 13/16” ring width
  • Upholstery Rings available only in bulk-packed 50-count cartons
  • Custom fabrication service available

Be sure to review our individual items in this category—product images are available by reviewing the Hog Rings (“Hill” Patterned), Fencing Rings and Upholstery Rings catalog page (a pdf download is available).

Contact Western Wire Products Co.

Businesses in the U.S. and in other countries may purchase inventory items direct or request custom manufacturing services.  We are a full-service fabrication shop offering design, engineering, primary fabrication, secondary operations, product finishing, packaging and shipping services.  We do ask that international customers contact Western Wire Products Co. about available shipping options and your company’s shipping requirements.  We ship wire forms throughout the U.S., to Canada, Mexico, throughout Central and South America, to Europe, Japan, throughout Australia and also to Australia.

Businesses may call Western Wire Products Co. at 800-325-3770; or e-mail your questions about inventory stock purchases or custom fabrication service inquiries to: [email protected].