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American-made Wire Forms and Bulk Inventory Stock Available from a Leading, Electrical and Plumbing Wire Forms Manufacturer

In business for more than a century, Western Wire Products Company is a major, U.S. company that supplies a wide range of wire form products to diverse industries.  Also, we are an electrical and plumbing wire forms manufacturer and supplier.  Whether your company needs a partner to design, engineer, prototype, perform primary fabrication services, secondary operations, and product finishing services to meet diverse standards, or you just need a supplier of industry-standard wire forms, we can meet most needs for general to complex wire form geometries.

Your business can contact us for a supply of industry-standardized, and American-made Plumbing & Electrical wire forms including hardware supplies for HVAC manufacturing and repair businesses, for electrical wiring companies, for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), for Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), or for other construction sector businesses.

We have a wide inventory of ASME-compliant, bulk wire forms supply that can meet the needs of most companies in these related market sectors.  If your company needs a manufacturer, then Western Wire Products Co. is an electrical and plumbing wire forms manufacturer and supplier that you can rely on for standardized, OEM, specialty or custom-fabricated, wire forms supply.

You can reach us in Fenton, Missouri, (St. Louis area) at 800-325-3770, or locally at 636-305-1100.  You can also Fax product or service availability questions to 636-305-1119, or, feel free to contact our sales team by email at: [email protected].

Types of Electrical and Plumbing Wire Forms from Manufacturer Western Wire Products Co.

Western Wire Products Co. offers businesses a range of commonly used, electrical and plumbing wire forms direct from the manufacturer.  We recommend that you take a look at our Plumbing & Electrical page with links to a variety of standard, inventory stock wire forms.  You can also take a look at our online wire forms catalog or our Visual Index to review the types of wire forms that are currently available from our inventory.

Western Wire Products Co. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  We can meet many U.S. and international fabrication standards.  We produce a wide range of ASME-compliant wire forms, and our company can meet stringent aerospace/aviation standards, U.S. Government specifications, and U.S. military and Navy specifications (e.g. AN, MS, NAS, NASM).  Additionally, we do have bulk inventory wire forms in metric sizing or your company can request fabrication services for wire forms meeting metric standards.

Electrical and Plumbing Wire Forms Available from the Manufacture

Plumbing, electrical installation and repair professionals, heating, air conditioning and ventilation professional and contractors or HVAC manufacturing and repair companies, construction companies—particularly usage for electrical wiring and conduit applications, and plumbing—and, MRO (Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs), as well as national distribution channels, hardware wholesalers and suppliers, and individual companies small mid-sized, and large or with national distribution requirements, have relied on our American-made products for decades.

We supply industry-standardized Plumbing & Electrical, OEM, specialty, or completely custom-fabricated wire forms.  Whether you need general, bulk inventory wire forms or your company requires or specialized hardware or complex wire form geometries, we can assist most companies with supply requirements. We can also produce wire forms and stampings for corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity or electrical impedance meeting requirements for construction, HVAC, MRO, plumbers, electricians, and related repair professions, or even for more diverse market sectors such as electronics manufacturers or electronics assembly companies.

Our current list of specific Plumbing & Electrical wire forms/hardware parts in our inventory includes:

  • J-Hooks – are used to secure residential and commercial tubing, pipes, cables, wiring and conduits; inventory J-Hooks are available as Copper-coated or Zinc-coated hooks in standard sizing of ½”, ¾”, and 1”
  • Hanger Iron – Perforated Hanger Bar with 17/64” standard holes for use with ¼” bolts; or, Ductape brand Tinner’s Tape has standard, alternating hole sizing, specifically, 17/64” standard holes for use with ¼” bolts and 1/8” holes for nails; or Twist-Slot Hanger Bar with a 7/8” slot allowing you to insert the end of the strap through and this wire form has 17/64” standard holes for ¼” bolts and 1/8” holes for nails and these are available in 28-gauge and 22-gauge only; ask about special lengths of ¾” x 28 gauge up to 1-¼” x 12 gauge
  • Pipe Hooks – sizing to accommodate all standard U.S., wire form outer diameters (O.D.) for tubing and pipes; also, plain or Copper-coated inventory hooks available; plastic-coated Pipe Hooks available in 6” lengths of standard 10-gauge wire; Copper-coated “Copper Boys” tubing hangers at 12-½ gauge fit ½” and ¾” diameters
  • Pipe Straps – or, “Snap-on Straps” or One-Hole Straps (One-Hole T.W. Straps) for thin-wall tubing/conduit installation; Galvanized Steel or Copper-coated standard wire available; also, Two-Hole Straps to fit standard pipe and tubing requirements are available
  • Stud Guards – 1-½” self-nailing metal guards to protect wiring are installed during interior wall construction/building project; these Stud Guards protect electrical cables, wiring and Copper tubing from later incidents caused nail that come in contact with wiring inside walls, floors or ceilings
  • Stud Plates – standard inventory stock at 8” x 5” sizing and made of 16-gauge steel
  • Please review the Visual Index or online Product Catalog for more product details, sizing options, wire diameters, materials, secondary operations and finishing options for our inventory stock products

Custom Wire Forming and Fabrication Services Are Available from Electrical and Plumbing Wire Forms Manufacturer, Western Wire Products Co.

If your company is need of a wire forms manufacturer for OEM, specialty or custom wire form products, please let us know about your project.  You can request a wire forms fabrication quote for full-service, wire forms manufacturing.  We can meet a wide range of manufacturing standards and specifications, including CNC fabrication capabilities, CNC-machining, precision-machining and wire forming, CNC and precision secondary operations if applicable, multi-slide or four-slide wire forming and fabrication processes, stamping, and fabrication of products meeting sanitary-usage requirements, or corrosion-resistance, or even electrical conductivity or electrical impedance.

Additionally, you may be interested in reviewing our resource articles for information about our fabrication services, capabilities, primary fabrication options, design and engineering, prototyping, extensive secondary operations options, and product finishing services.  You can learn about the types of standardized, OEM, specialty and custom-fabricated wire forms that we can manufacture or have in our inventory for bulk purchases.

Our general inventory categories include: Wire FormsWire Fasteners (Mechanical Fasteners), Wire HandlesWire Hangers, or Custom Springs (hardware supply springs to industrial springs meeting exacting compression, extension and torsion requirements).

Contact Western Wire Projects Co. for Inventory Stock or Fabrication Services

You may contact Western Wire Products Co. to purchase any of our inventory stock in bulk.  Your business can order inventory stock direct with our company.  We have extensive capabilities in our job shop/production facility.  We are an electrical and plumbing wire forms manufacturer that can supply your company with American-made wire forms.

Businesses may call us toll-free at 800-325-3770, or you may call us at 636-305-1100 as well.  You can reach our sales department by email at: [email protected].