Custom Wire Fabrication Services from Western Wire Products Company

Western Wire Products Co. Offers Custom Wire Fabrication Services

If your business needs custom wire fabrications services for specialty, custom, standardized or OEM wire forms, then leading, U.S. wire forms manufacturer, Western Wire Products Company in St. Louis (Fenton, Missouri) is the company that can accommodate most wire forms fabrications requests.  In business for 100 years, we have been and currently are one of the leading wire forms manufacturers in the United States.

Western Wire Products Co. can meet a wide range of production standards for diverse market sectors and even fabricate wire forms to accommodate military standards.  With more than 100 pieces of production and fabrication machinery and equipment at our 132,000 square foot, wire form manufacturing facility, we manufacturer wire forms utilizing CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques.  We fabricate wire forms to meet the needs of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), various types of industrial companies, general manufacturing and assembly businesses, of the automotive (and heavy truck) and aviation industries, of HVAC assembly and repair businesses, and electronics assembly to name a few.  We also meet the demands of the agriculture sector, food processing and distribution, medical device manufacturers, and other companies requiring stainless steel wire forms (finished using passivation for sanitary requirements), or even also for the military and aerospace sector.  We meet diverse manufacturing standards, specifications and requirements for these and other diverse market sectors, and we produce wire forms that are military-grade/Navy-compliant, meeting AN, MS, NAS, NASM standards.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. to order inventory stock wire forms including from our large stock of OEM, standardized, specialty and even custom wire forms, or feel free to contact us about design, engineering, rapid prototype work and custom fabrication services. You may call Western Wire Products Co. toll-free, nationwide at 800-325-3770.  You may also email your product or fabrication inquiries to:[email protected].

Custom Wire Fabrication Services and Production Capacity

Western Wire Products Co. is a CNC/precision wire forming company utilizing over 100 pieces of equipment and machinery for custom wire forms fabrications. Our general product categories include:  OEM, standardized and specialty wire formsmechanical fastenerswire hangers and wire handles.  A few examples of our custom wire fabrications include:  brass wire formscustom hookscustom steel hookscustom wire fasteners (mechanical fasteners), custom wire formsindustrial wire productscustom springs (including exacting compression, extension, and torsion specifications), steel torsion springsstainless steel wire forms, and precision threaded wire forms.

As a full-service, custom wire fabrications shop, Western Wire Products Co. offers a wide range of primary fabrication services, secondary operations and wire forms finishing services.

We can handle production runs accommodating a range of wire diameters including:

  • Lower-volume, custom production runs using our CNC/precision production machinery that accommodate wire diameters of 0.016” to 0.625” (or metric sizes at 0.4 mm to 16 mm)
  • Higher-volume, custom, precision production runs using our machinery (including our four-slide and/or multi-slide forming equipment) that accommodate wire diameters of 0.028” to 0.562” (or metric sizes at 0.75 mm to 14 mm)
  • Strip steel wire up to 16 gauge

Some of our additional custom wire fabrication services include:

  • Blank wire forming/bending (nearly limitless lengths)
  • Simple wire bending
  • Complex wire bending/forming services
  • Blank wire threading and secondary threading services
  • Four-slide fabrication services
  • Multi-slide fabrication services
  • Custom wire form(s) design, engineering, rapid prototyping and production
  • Custom wire fabrications manufacturing:  primary fabrication, secondary operations and product finishing services
  • Primary custom fabrication services:  Austempering, bending, chamfering, coining, deburring/vibratory deburring, drilling, in-process staking/staking, machining, notching, punching,wire stampingwire swaging, tapping, threading, undercutting and other services
  • Secondary operations and finishing including: electroplating/electro-coating services, galvanization for steels, powder coats, neutral air treatment(s), hardening, stainless steel passivation, secondary threading, vacuum treatment(s), product assembly, welding and additional services
  • Competitive lead times to get your wire forms to market

Request a price quote for custom wire fabrication services from Western Wire Products Co. today!

Standardized and Custom, Precision/CNC-Machined, Wire Forms Product Categories

Western Wire Products Co. fabricates custom and specialty wire forms for clients worldwide. We do sell a large inventory of pre-fabricated wire forms, but we also work with companies for custom wire forms to meet specific needs, requirements or parts/product assembly specifications.  We can assist your business with every stop of the production process.  We can fabricate custom wire forms to accommodate your company’s exacting specifications.

Western Wire Products Co. is a full-service fabrication shop that can meet very precise fabrication specifications and tolerances for a wide range of applications and end usage requirements for diverse market sectors.

We offer our clients a variety of business-to-business services.  Besides custom wire forms fabrication services, we also offer inventory stocking, production lot purchases, Kan Ban stocking, warehousing, “just-in-time” shipping, wholesale/distribution and retail packaging, and product shipment worldwide.  We ship throughout the U.S., and to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and to countries elsewhere in Asia, Central America, Europe and South America.  International customers, please contact Western Wire Products Co. about your available shipping options.

Businesses are welcome to call Western Wire Products Company toll-free at 800-325-3770.  You may also email questions and product or service inquiries to: [email protected].