OEM, Standardized, Specialty and Custom, Bridge Pins Fabrication Company in St. Louis

Western Wire Products Company Manufactures Bridge Pins

St. Louis-based Western Wire Products Company (Fenton, Missouri) fabricates a wide assortment of standardized OEM, standardized, specialty and custom wire forms including Bridge Pins.  Bridge Pins or Bridge Pin fasteners (the term is also used for use with musical instruments, particularly acoustic guitars) are a type of Cotters (Cotter Pins) with a wide range of variant designs and names.  Bridge Pins are frequently called or categorized with R-Clips, R-Pins, Hair Pin Cotters, Hair Pin Clips, External Hitch Pin Clips, Hairpin Cotters, and other variant names and are related in design to other loosely “R-shaped” fasteners including Linchpins or Split Pins, although Bridge Pins and R-Pins are usually removable and/or reusable.  Additional variant forms of these fasteners are Double Loop Hair Pin Cotters, Bow-Tie Locking Cotter Pins, Rue-Ring Locking Cotter Pins or even Pivot Point Hair Pin Cotters.

There are many other variant names, frequently related to the type of metal used in fabrication.  Frequently, these type of wire forms are fabricated using spring steel, MB spring wire, Stainless Steel (300 Series) and even iron.  Plating or coatings are frequently applied, particularly if the usage requires resistance to corrosion in the application.  A Zinc coating is a common to many types of Bridge Pins or R-Clips.

Wire Forms Manufacturer (OEM, Standardized, Specialty and Custom)

If you are looking for a supplier, distributor or a manufacturer of Bridge Pins, R-Clips and various other Cotters or wire forms, then Western Wire Products Co. most likely can accommodate your requirements.  In business for a 100 years, we have been and currently are one of the leading manufacturers of wire forms in the U.S.A. with a national and global distribution capacity.  Our large production facility located in the St. Louis metropolitan area has over 100 pieces of precision fabrication equipment that can accommodate a wide range of production and fabrication requirements including highly precise CNC wire bendingCNC wire formingmulti-slide formingfour-slide formingthreaded wire forms fabrication, or other wire forming services as requested.

Western Wire Products Co. is a full-service fabrication shop.  We produce a wide range of wire forms for diverse market sectors.  We are a major supplier to national wire forms distribution channels, to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), to Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs) business such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing companies.  We can produce military-grade, U.S. Navy-compliant, sanitary (e.g. passivation) quality, automotive, aviation, construction-grade and other highly-precise OEM, standardized, specialty or custom wire forms accommodating a wide range of standards.  We can accommodate a wide range of wire diameters in inches and also in metric sizing.

Our general product categories include: general wire formsmechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, and custom-made springs (steel torsion, industrial-grade, etc.).  Since we are a full-service fabrication shop, we can offer clients a wide range of fabrication services.  We can assist you with product design, engineering, rapid prototype work (rapid prototyping), custom fabrication, a wide range of primary fabrication services, a wide range secondary operations, wire forms finishing services, general distribution or retail packaging and worldwide shipping.  We do offer companies requiring custom fabrication service competitive lead times to market for new wire forms designs, for Bridge Pins, R-Pins and R-Clips, for other types of Cotter Pins, or other wire forms and fasteners.

Contact Your Bridge Pins and Wire Forms Manufacturer

Please contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory-stock purchases, or to inquire about fabrication and wire forms production services, for information about our products and services, and domestic and international shipping options.  We do offer U.S. customers (international customers, please contact about your requirements) a variety of services including Kan Ban stocking, “just-in-time” shipping services, packaging options and other B2B distribution services.  Currently, we ship Bridge Pins, Cotters and other wire forms throughout the U.S., as well as to our business clients worldwide, including in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central America, South America, Australia, to Japan and elsewhere in Asia.

Request custom-made Bridge Pins or other wire forms to meet your business requirements.  You may contact us direct in order to purchase bulk inventory stock items, customer production lot runs, or for other services.  You can reach us by e-mail at:  [email protected]; or contact Western Wire Products Co. direct through our company website.  You may call us as well, at 800-325-3770.