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If you are looking for a fabricator or supplier of wire forms, then look no further than one of the leading, Midwest wire forming companiesWestern Wire Products Co. of St. Louis (now Fenton, Missouri).  We have nearly a century of experience in producing custom wire forms, in custom wire bending, and general wire forms fabrication.  As one of the leading, national wire forming companies, you can rely on our experience and engineering capabilities for standard, OEM or custom/specialty manufacturing at affordable, competitive prices and with quick product turnaround lead times.

Although the original company (founded in 1907) was not incorporated until 1914, we have been one of the leading wire forming companies, a leader in innovation, patented product designs, and general wire forming and wire bending fabrication services.  We have developed a wide range of standard products and specialty products including fasteners, handles, hangers, wire forms, clips, pins and other similar devices.

In fact, our founder patented the precursor design for woven wire fencing!

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Find Wire Forming Companies that Can Meet Your Specific Demands

Finding one of the wire forming companies that can meet your demands can be a complicated task.  Eliminate the searching and contact Western Wire Product Co. for stock/inventory orders or for custom fabrication, custom wire forming or custom wire bending services.

Based upon your company’s design specifications, drawings/drafts, product sample or general specifications, we can product short runs or long runs.  Generally, our sample production is very quick compared to many companies in the industry.  Moreover, an additional benefit to doing business with wire forming companies in the Midwest is that you have quick turnaround times and shipping—there is no need to wait months for your products to arrive from overseas!

We design, engineer and fabricate product samples for your company’s inspection and production approval.  Once you company approves the design and wire form product sample(s), we can then begin production for B2B clients, ship the items and get your inventory stocked quickly.

Throughout the decades, as one of the nation’s, leading wire forming companies, we have supplied military grade wire forms, fasteners, hangers, handles and other items; we were called into action for products (hog rings) after 9/11; and, some of our products have even gone to the moon via NASA!

Standard, OEM and Custom/Specialty Wire Forms Fabrication

Whether your company requires standard, OEM or custom wire forming or wire bending services (and treatment and finishing), then you should request a quote on custom wire forming from one of the US wire forming companies that can still out-perform international competition.

We have been a mainstay of the St. Louis manufacturing community and we intend to offer or standard, custom, OEM or specialty fabrication services for decades to come!

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