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Midwest Wire Form Manufacturers

Western Wire Products Co., one of the leading Midwest wire form manufacturers, fabricates OEM, standard and custom wire forms for a wide range of uses in many industries including military-grade wires forms.  With nearly 100 years in the business, we are one of the Midwest’s leading wire form fabricating companies and we sell throughout the United States and ship globally.  If your company needs custom production runs, standard stock inventory items, precision CNC wire forming or CNC wire bending(computer numerical control) or custom finishing of wire forms, then contact our engineers and our design team with your product specifications, required tolerances and specific finishing or coatings.

Wire Form Manufacturers Sell Stock Fasteners, Hinge Pins, Handles and Wire Forms and Provides Custom Fabrication Services—Contact Western Wire Products Co. Today!

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Wire Forms and Bending Services

Western Wire Products Co. offers a variety of wire forming and wire bending services.  We fabricate standard, OEM and custom forms, handles, hinge pins and fasteners.  Additionally, product turnarounds are quick and custom product prototyping is always rapid—even when producing custom wire forms.  We ship nationally and internally.  As one of the leading wire form manufacturers, we produce durable, precision wire forms and products to meet the varied need of a wide range of end users.

Some of the wire forms and products available direct for retail or for business-to-business customers (B2B) include:

  • Wire forms – customized or specialty wire shapes and forms from small parts to woven wire fencing; CNC wire forming; custom fabrications based on your company’s drafts, drawings and materials specifications
  • Wire forms services accommodate a variety of production and finishing techniques including wire forming and wire bending diameters ranging from .016” to .625” (.4 mm to 16mm), blank wire bending/forming, four-slide and multi-slide forming, simple to complex wire bends and wire forming, chamfering, in-process staking, stamping, treaded forms and even wire springs with specific tolerances for compression, torsion and extension

Additionally, Western Wire Products Co. produces standard, specialty and OEM fasteners, handles, and hangers.  Learn more about your parts from Western Wire Products.

For custom wire forms, please send our design and engineering team your detailed specifications, blueprints, drafts and materials selection—and do not forget any custom finishing that you need for wire forms or other products.

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Standard, OEM and Custom Finishing Options

Finishing options are another standard service available from wire form manufacturers including Western Wire Products.  We provide a wide range of finishing options on most fabrications meeting OEM specifications and industry standards.

Finishing options include electro-coating, powder coatings, passivation, galvanization (steels), heat treatment, hardening, neutral treatments—(Austempering, case hardening, neutral atmosphere hardening, harden and tempering, stress relieving and vacuum heat treating)—and a variety of plating (cadmium, copper, nickel, tin and zinc and zinc yellow chromate).

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