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Western Wire Products Company is a custom wire forms fabrication and production partner since we are a full-service steel and metal wire bending, wire forming, and wire threading and general wire forms production business for orders small and large.  Since 1914, under the current incorporation, we have developed an extensive line and inventory of wire forms for nearly limitless applications.

We are a major supplier of OEM, standardized parts and specialty wire forms to some of the largest OEMs in the country.  We fabricate for OEMs, general Maintenance Repair and Operations (MROs), national distribution channels, and for individual companies.

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Capacity to Meet Diverse Equipment Standards and Specifications

Western Wire Products Co. many different types of wire forms fabrications.  We manufacture standardized wire forms that meet a wide range of stringent specifications including military-grade, Navy-compliant, aviation/aerospace, automotive, ASTM standards, and even heavy industrial wire forms product standards.  We also offer a variety of production services for stainless steel wire forms as well, which generally fall under many guidelines frequently for sanitary use applications.  We meet diverse materials specifications and standards for agricultural use wire forms, food distribution and preparation requirements, medical-grades/standards for devices and medical equipment, aviation/aerospace, and even automotive parts production requirements.

We also manufacture a wide range of standardized and industry-specific wire forms spanning HVAC assembly and repair needs, to heavy industrial requirements, to parts for electronics and general manufacturing assembly requirements in diverse market sectors.  We fabricate parts for shipment to companies and organizations throughout the United States and to clients worldwide.

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Precision Wire Forms Fabrication and Standard Product Categories

Western Wire Products has machinery spanning decades including the latest advances in precision CNC-machinery for all of your CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, and customized fabrication requirements for wire forms, shapes and stampings.  Our production capacity includes low-to-mid-range volume production runs.  As your CNC wire form manufacturer, we can offer customers wire forms design, engineering, materials selection, simple-to-complex bends, wire threading, and a wide range of primary services, secondary operations, product finishing, packaging, and shipment options.

Our primary wire forms production capabilities include two main production methods for small or large-scale production runs that offer our clients competitive lead times on order small and large.

The two general methods include:

  • Precision and CNC wire bending and forming fabrication services for small-to-mid-range production runs; we can accommodate .016” to .625” wire diameters (or metric sizes ranging from .4 mm to 16 mm) utilizing our various precision fabrication and CNC machinery
  • High-volume production runs of wire forms using our four-slide and/or multi-slide forming machinery; we can accommodate wire diameters ranging from .028” to .562” (or metric sizes ranging from .75 mm to 14 mm) using other equipment

Currently, our standard wire forms fabrication product categories include many kinds of standardized, OEM and specialty mechanical fastenerswire formswire handles and wire hangers in various standardized sizing.  Additionally, we fabricate custom-made springs meeting your company’s precise compression, extension and torsion requirements.

Western Wire Products Is a Full-Service Wire Forms Fabrication Company

As a full-service shop, we offer clients materials choices, primary production options, simple-to-complex bending, threading, a wide range of general fabrication options, all of the secondary operations, finishing services, coating, and product finalization that you expect in a partner.  We even work with business clients for stocking, scheduled shipments, warehousing, and “just-in-time” delivery options, packaging for distribution or retail sales and ship to your location in the U.S.A. or worldwide.

Western Wire Products’ engineers are willing to explore production alternatives with clients, including metals, alloys, fabrication specifications, specialty services and treatments, secondary operations, and finishing options to cover product design and engineering, wire forms prototyping, general fabrication, and delivery of the wire forms that meet your company’s specific requirements and/or needs.

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Contact Western Wire Products or call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-325-3770 to discuss a project or to purchase standardized wire forms.  You are welcome to contact us about your custom wire forms fabrication needs.

We ship wire forms throughout the U.S.A. Additionally, we ship wire forms fabrications internationally as well to businesses and clients throughout North America, primarily to Canada and Mexico, throughout Europe, to companies in South America, to our clients Asia, and Japan specifically.