Wire Fasteners Manufacturer for OEM, Standardized, Specialty and Custom Wire Forms

Wire Fasteners and Wire Forms Manufacturer

If your business is in need of a wire fasteners supplier or manufacturer, Western Wire Products Company in Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis area), is uniquely situated to design, engineer, prototype, fabricate, perform secondary operations, and product finishing for use by OEMs, MROs (Maintenance and Repair Organizations), national distribution channels or for wholesale and retail sales.

We are celebrating 100 years in the wire form business!  We can offer U.S. and international clients a wide range of machining options, rapid prototyping, and precision wire form manufacturing (CNC, simple-to-complex and/or threading) performed by experienced personnel at our large production facility.

Businesses and organizations can contact Western Wire Products Co. about sales and supply of inventory stock wire fasteners and other wire forms, or for custom-made wire forms design and manufacturing.  Businesses are welcome to call us nationwide at 800-325-3770.  You can also e-mail inquiries to: [email protected].

Standardized Wire Form Product Categories, Capacity to Meet Diverse Standards

As a major supplier of mechanical fasteners, and wire forms including wire handleswire hangersand/or custom-made springs, we can offer clients custom fabrication meeting exacting specifications and/or your industry’s specific standards—we can also meet U.S. military and U.S. Navy manufacturing specifications (AN, MS, NAS, and NASM) or even sanitary standards (passivation of stainless steels) for agriculture, food processing and distribution or medical-use requirements.

Western Wire Products Co. can accommodate a variety of manufacturing requirements. We have over 100 pieces of production machinery and equipment including precision and CNC machinery at our facility.  We utilize precision, CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques for precision and custom fabrications.  We offer companies a wide range of design, engineering and production options for most types of custom wire forms.

Our wire forms and wire fasteners production capacity includes:

  • Custom wire fasteners design, engineering, rapid precision and CNC prototyping and fabrication
  • Competitive lead times for new product development
  • CNC and/or precision blank wire bending, wire forming and/or wire form threading (secondary threading available) meeting precise specifications—our lower-quantity, precision production runs accommodate wire machining of 0.016” to 0.625” or 0.4 mm to 16 mm wire diameters
  • Higher-volume, precision blank wire bending, wire forming and/or wire threading production capacity using four-slide and/or multi-slide wire forming machinery—we can accommodate 0.028” to 0.562” or 0.75 mm to 14 mm wire diameters
  • Precision bending for fabricating wire fasteners and forms with simple bends or complex-to-multiple bends
  • Primary fabrication services: Austempering, bending, chamfering, coining, deburring, drilling, general machining, in-process staking, notching, punching, stamping, tapping, threading, undercutting, and vibratory deburring
  • Secondary operations and finishing services: electroplating/electro-coating services, galvanization for steels, powder coats, neutral air treatment(s), hardening, stainless steel passivation, secondary threading services, product assembly and welding services
  • Additional services as requested

Besides offering clients production capacity meeting diverse industrial and manufacturing standards, we are a full-service wire forms and fasteners supplier.  We have many standardized items in stock at almost any time.

Choose Your Wire Fasteners from Our Inventory

We can accommodate a wide range of sizing, general shapes, and materials selection in several product categories that includes: fasteners, clips, hooks, pins, rings, stampings, and threaded shapes.  A few specific wire fastener product examples include: Bar Joist Clips, Ring Clips, Hitch Pin Clips, External Hitch Pin Clips, Safety Pin Fasteners, Tag Fasteners, S-Hooks, V-Hooks, D-Rings, Hog Rings, Key Rings, Cotter Pins (Wedge-Fast Cotters, Ring Cotters), Lock Pins, Clinch Pins, Spring Pins Key Snaps, Lock Washers, Tie Wires.  We can fabricate additional wire fasteners and wire forms to meet specific requirements or applications.

Request a quote on precision, wire fasteners manufacturing, finishing and shipping services from Western Wire Products Co. today!

As a business-to-business supplier, we supply a wide range of companies in different markets worldwide.  Please contact Western Wire Products Co. direct about domestic and international shipping options.

You can also call us at 800-325-3770; or you can e-mail us: [email protected].