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Standard and Custom Wire Forms Fabrication Services

Your custom wire bending suppliersWestern Wire Products Company (St. Louis and Fenton, Missouri), fabricate standard size wire forms, OEM wire forms, clips, Cotters, hinges, handles, hangers, hooks, mechanical fasteners, hitch pin clips, key snaps, stampings, threaded shapes, washers, and many other commonly-used products.   Additionally, we fabricate specialty wire forms and custom parts.

We custom-fabricate simple to complex wire forms with one or multiple bends including four-slide or multi-slide forming. We offer business-to-business (B2B) clients precision fabrication services that include CNC wire bending or CNC wire forming (computer numerical control for precision bending) services.

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Wire Bending Supplies for Commercial Clients

A wide range of heavy industries, manufacturing and assembly companies, parts suppliers and distributors, wholesalers, and even retail companies utilize our wire form products.  Many industrial and manufacturing clients use our standard, OEM, or specialty parts fabrications for their product assemblies and manufacturing requirements.  Other businesses use our wire forms to meet other daily operations, such as, equipment repairs, maintenance or parts replacement.

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Provide Your Specialty Parts Specifications

So, whether you need standard wire forms or require custom or specialty wire bending suppliers for specific applications, assemblies or other manufacturing requirements, then contact our engineers and design team about your product concept, drawings, drafts, or computer model diagrams and parts design requirements.

Choose the metal you need for wire forms—aluminum, brass, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, strip steel or other steel alloys. We do need end-use specifications, powder and metallic coatings or finishing specifications, preferred treatment options, secondary operations needs (e.g. chamfering, drilling, general machining, punching, staking, tapping or welding), or other fabrication requirements.

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Western Wire Products Company Ships Nationwide and Internationally

As national and international wire forms and wire bending suppliers, we follow precise fabrication standards that exceed normal parts tolerances for general use items.  We can supply parts that meet stringent tolerances for aviation, aerospace and military applications, as well as for automotive, manufacturing, and product assemblies.

Additionally, we offer “just-in-time” inventory stocking services for our current catalog parts. We can accommodate your company’s inventory stocking needs for custom parts as well.

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