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Full-service, wire-bending companies such as Western Wire Products Company (Fenton/St. Louis, Missouri), offer a variety of standard, OEM and custom wire bending services, fabrication services, finishing services, CNC wire bending, and CNC wire forming.  Whether you need to stock inventories or you need rapid prototyping for parts, we have nearly a hundred years of experience in the business creating simple to complex wire bends, wire forms, hangers, handles, hinge pins, and custom wire forms (aviation-grade or military-grade products available per your company’s specifications).

One of the Leading Wire Bending Companies, Western Wire Products, Provides Rapid Prototyping and Custom Fabrications—Contact Us!

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Standard, OEM and Specialty Parts Wire Bending Services

As one of the leading, Midwest wire bending companiesWestern Wire Products Co. works with each client for inventory stocking, “just-in-time” stocking/shipping, national and international shipping and parts prototyping.  Contact our engineers and our design team for help with your custom fabrications or choose from our catalog of standard and OEM parts to meet your company’s supply, assembly or even retail needs.

Since we are one of the wire bending companies that provides standard, OEM and specialty wire forms, fasteners, handles, hangers and other products, you can expect exacting standards on stock inventory items or custom fabrications.

We can accommodate bending and forming wire diameters ranging from .016” to .625” (.4 mm to 16mm).  And, we offer blank wire bending, four-slide or multi-slide forming, simple to complex wire bends, chamfering, in-process staking, stamping, treading, and even meet specific tolerances for compression, extension and torsion.

Some of our products include:

  • Mechanical fasteners – common fasteners such as clips, hooks, rings, pins, stampings and threaded shapes, stud guards, S-hooks, V-hooks, clinch pins, cotter pins, lock pins, spring pins, safety pin fasteners, hitch pin clips, external hitch pin clips, hinge pins, hog rings, key rings, D-rings, tag fasteners, lock washers, key snaps, key rings, tie wires, ring cotters, wedge-fast cotters, and more…
  • Wire forms – standard inventory items and customized or specialty wire shapes and forms; we also provide custom fabrications based on your company’s drafts, drawings and materials specifications and finishing requirements
  • Wire hangers – extensive line of standardized and specialty wire formed hangers including hanger irons, uniform hangers, paint line hooks, lighting fixture hooks, tarp straps, plant hangers, IV hook hangers, signage hooks, and other products for plumbing, electrical use, HVAC applications, construction and even product assembly and manufacturing applications
  • Wire handles – generally formed from wire and strip steel, commonly cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum or brass; standard stock items and custom fabrications per your company’s specifications
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Finishing Options for Stock Inventory Items and Specialty Products

As one of the leading Midwest and national wire bending companies over the last century, we have and continue to offer companies a wide range of finishing options.

Finishing options include electro-coatings or electro-platings, passivation (ideal for end use in medical or food preparation equipment), powder coats, a wide range of heat treatments, hardening, case hardening, Austempering, neutral treatments and vacuum heat treatments.

We also offer a variety of wire form coatings including brass, cadmium, copper, galvanized (steels, stainless steels), nickel, tin, zinc and zinc yellow chromate.

Secondary finishing operations for wire bending include chamfering, drilling, machining, punching, staking, tapping and welding services.

Western Wire Products Co. can meet and exceed your expectations, particularly for rapid prototyping.  Let us know how we can make the exact products your company needs!

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