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As one of the nation’s leading wire forming companies, Western Wire Products Company, offers clients a wide range of threaded wire forms fabrication services and general wire form manufacturing for OEM, standardized and specialty wire forms including mechanical fastenerswire formswire handles and wire hangers and even custom springs fabricated to meet specific torsion, compression, extension and other requirements.

Currently in Fenton, Missouri, but in business in the St. Louis market for around a hundred years, Western Wire Products Co. is uniquely situation to offer business clientele a wide range of production methods.  With our assortment of fabrication machinery, including state-of-the-art CNC-machining and tooling equipment, we can meet a variety of national and international production standards for wire forms fabrication.  We utilize precision manufacturing including computer-numerical-control or CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming methods.

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Threaded Wire Forms Fabrication from Western Wire Products Company

Western Wire Products Co. offers a wide range of services for related to threaded wire forms fabrication.  We meet a wide range of specifications for diverse industries including manufacturing, heavy industry, HVAC assembly and repair, stainless steel wire forms for food service, distribution, agriculture and healthcare equipment devices, to the automotive industry, trucks, aviation/aerospace, and to meeting Navy and other military-grade requirements.  Our clients are nationwide, and also globally.

As a major supplier serving the OEM (original equipment manufacturing) parts distribution, and MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) markets, we produce non-threaded and threaded wire forms fabrication in U.S. sizes and metric sizes.  Our current production capacity allows us to offer wire forms production including:

  • Wire bending and wire forming services for .016” to .625” wire diameters (metric sizes from .4 mm to 16 mm) on our precision/CNC machinery—smaller, more precise production runs
  • High-volume production runs of wire forms by utilizing our four-slide and/or multi-slide forming fabrication equipment accommodating wire diameters ranging from.028” to .562” (metric sizes from .75 mm to 14 mm)

Additionally, general services may include:

  • Blank wire forming and primary threading (blank wire threading)
  • Secondary threading services
  • Simple to complex wire bending/forming
  • Precision threaded wire forms fabrication
  • CNC threaded wire forms fabrication
  • A wide range of additional primary fabrication services
  • Custom and/or specialty threaded wire forms manufacturing
  • Threaded wire forms fabrication utilizing aluminum, steels, stainless steels and other metals and allows
  • Product assembly and/or welding as needed
  • Wide range of secondary operations, treatments, coatings, and additional services
  • Finishing services, packaging, inventory stocking and shipping services—we can package products for distribution or end-user retail sales

The above list is only a minor listing of our services related to general wire forms fabrication services, and in particular, threaded wire forms fabrication.  We recommend that you contact Western Wire Productsor call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-325-3770 for additional information about manufacturing services.

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Western Wire Products Co. ships wire forms throughout the United States.  We also export wire forms worldwide, including to Canada, Mexico, Australia, and to countries throughout Asia, Europe, and South America.

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