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Western Wire Products Company fabricates a wide range of OEM, standardized, specialty and custom wire forms in many steel wire product categories utilizing advanced techniques.  Our parts fabrications include CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming (CNC is computer numerical control) services for custom springsmechanical fastenerswire formswire hangerswire handles or other parts.  We can also provide your company with rapid prototyping for parts designs.

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Supplying Steel Wire Products Worldwide

We supply a wide range of OEM, standardized and custom-fabricated wire forms to companies small or large throughout the United States and worldwide.  Many of our specialized parts in our steel wire product categories are for diverse markets, end-user requirements and applications including:

  • Aerospace/aviation specifications (original parts or replacement parts)
  • Agricultural equipment parts
  • Automotive industry requirements and assemblies
  • General construction applications meeting contractor-grade specifications or requirements
  • Heavy construction vehicle parts and assemblies
  • Heavy industrial applications and equipment repairs
  • HVAC assembly and repair requirements (air conditioning, fans, and furnace parts)
  • Industrial equipment parts
  • Mining equipment parts
  • Manufacturing applications—nearly limitless range of uses
  • Medical-grade wire products (usually stainless steel wire products) for IV-hook, sanitary hooks, hangers, equipment replacement parts, or other uses
  • Military uses, OEM parts or replacement parts that meet Navy and military-grade or military-compliant specifications (specific standards include AN, MS, NAS and NASM requirements)
  • Office furniture equipment parts
  • Sanitary food preparation requirements from manufacturers, distributors to end-user restaurants, cafeterias, fast food chains or even grocery stores (usually stainless steel wire products)

Full-Service Fabrication and Metal(s) Selection

Western Wire Products produces steel wire form products and other wire parts using a range of metals.  We are a full-service fabrication company with the capacity to manufacture wire forms in a range of steels including cold-rolled steels, galvanized steels, stainless steel, strip steel, other steels and alloys.

We also manufacture wire forms in metals including aluminum, brass, copper and iron; and we will gladly explore utilizing other alloys or metals to meet your company’s specific tolerances.

Currently, Western Wire Products offers fabrication services, steel parts fabrication, stainless steel wire bending, wire threading, and many secondary operations and product finishing services.  Our wire forming, bending and threading capacities range from .016 inches to .625 inches (or metric sizing of .4 mm to 16 mm) diameters.

Steel Wire Product Finishing Options

Product finishing services are available for OEM, standardized or custom-fabricated parts, and include: Austempering, chamfering, complex or multiple wire bending, four-slide forming, multi-slide forming, drilling, general machining, in-process staking, passivation, punching, stamping, tapping, wire strip forming, wire threading and general welding services.   We also offer standard platings and coatings, e-coatings, powder coatings and other coverings.

Western Wire Products can also handle any requirements for custom springs fabrication.  We can fabricate spring wires with precision including for compression, extension and specified torsion tolerances.  Please check with us for additional services for fabricating items in steel wire product categories unique to your industry.

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