Steel Wire Form Fabrication Services Are Available from Western Wire Products Co.

Custom Steel Wire Form Manufacturer and Industry-Standard Wire Form Supplier

Leading, U.S. wire forms manufacturer, Western Wire Products Company (800-325-3770) manufacturers a wide range of steel wire form products for diverse market sectors.  We supply national distribution channels, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), hardware supply distribution or supply companies, general manufacturing and assembly companies, heavy industry, the automotive sector, construction, the Plumbing & Electrical and HVAC manufacturing and repair sectors, the electronics sector, business requiring electrically conductive or resistant wire forms, and additional business and many specialized market sectors with differing specification.

Some of the more specialized markets that we supply steel wire products to include: Aerospace/Aviation hardware supply, U.S. Government, military or U.S. Navy meeting AN, MS, NAS and NASM specifications. We produce ASME-compliant wire forms and can meet other market sector specifications.  Some of the more specialized markets that we can supply with steel wire forms includes sanitary-use requirements utilizing passivation of Stainless Steels.  Some of the markets include agribusiness, food processing and distribution, transportation and retail or service equipment and machinery.  Of course, other markets such as medical wire forms or medical device manufacturers and supply companies require sanitary-use steel wire forms.

Inventory Stock Steel Wire Form and Additional Wire Form Product Categories

Western Wire Products Co. is a full-service manufacturer with over 100 pieces of production and fabrication equipment and machinery.  We can provide complete design, engineering, wire form prototyping, primary fabrication services, CNC-machining, steel wire threading, fabrication of CNC steel wire forms, extensive secondary operations (review the secondary operations section of our Industrial Wire Form Products page), product finishing services and shipping to business clients worldwide.

Our wire forms meet ASME and industry-standard requirements.  Our main product categories includes:  general Wire FormsMechanical FastenersWire Handles, and Wire Hangers.  We also produce precision and/or industrial Custom Springs (e.g. Stainless Steel Wire SpringsStainless Steel Torsion SpringsSteel Torsion Springs, etc.).

We are here to help you stock or manufacturer custom, specialty or OEM steel wire forms or other wire forms.  Please review Western Wire Products Co.’s catalog or our online Visual Index for more details about specific wire form products.  We provide information including drawings, designs, sizing options including metric, materials options, wire diameters, specific metal grades, and other pertinent information.

Steel Wire Forms and Common Steel Grades Meeting Specific Market Sector Specification

So, you might wonder what types of steel wire forms are common or specialized, and what types of specifications are used.  Western Wire Products Co. works direct with business clients for standardized wire form stocking and offers companies fabrication services meeting differing specifications.  When it comes or wire forms, you have options!  We produce wire forms utilizing MB Spring Wire, various steel grades, cold-rolled steels, galvanized steels, Carbon Steel grades, High Carbon Steel grades, heat-treated steels, plain steels, strip steels, Stainless Steels, and offer various coating and plating options.  We also offer a wide range of other metals and alloys and we can review various metal grade options per request.

Some of the typical types of steel wire form products and Stainless Steel wire form products with specific, common metal grades include the following (and more!) types of wire forms or metal stampings:

  • Clinch Pins Zinc Plated – fabricated utilizing 1035-1040 Carbon Steel with Zinc-coating, heat-treated
  • Contact Assemblies – stampings and wire forms utilizing differing base wire metals, metallic coatings, staking or in-process staking, two staked metals, used particularly in manufacturing and assembly for precise electrical conductivity or resistance, for safety in construction, or for electronics manufacturing, circuits/circuit boards, automotive components, computers, medical devices, TVs, or other general electronics components, or for various repair sectors for instance
  • Copper Top Spring Stampings
  • Medical Wire Forms – passivation is used for corrosion-resistant and/or sanitary applications; common grades include T302/T304 (302/304) Stainless Steel (or, 18-8 or 18/8 Stainless Steel), T316 Stainless Steel; various finishing options to deal with varying temperatures, humidity, heat and cold, or other environmental factors (such as in refrigeration, healthcare, food production and transportation, etc.
  • Protective Steel Shield Stampings – including Stud Guards, Stud Plates, and related wire form parts to protect electrical wiring, to provide electrical conductivity or resistance meeting most U.S. building codes for commercial and residential applications; self-nailing metal guards and plates made using 18-gauge and 16-gauge steels
  • Steel Shields – designed specifically for commercial and residential wiring inside walls and drywalls to meet a building codes; additional these shields are produced to protect for electrical wiring or cables from accidental damage during or construction or repairs; or, to protect Copper tubing; or specific plating or coating options using various metals or alloys, or other options that can be used in construction, HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical, and MRO sectors for electrically-conductive, electrically-resistant to low-level current
  • Shields & Bushings – varied designs, sizes and shapes of shields and/or bushing seam types for use in various applications; design options can include basic or complex stampings with bushings used as heat shields (e.g. automotive parts), protective shields (e.g. cabling, wiring, connections, cable shielding, ends, terminals, splices, split seam spacers, sheaths, or shaft bushings, bolt sleeves, various assemblies or fastener applications
  • Stainless Steel Clinch Pins
  • Stainless Steel Hitch Pin Clips – manufactured with MB Spring Wire, T302/304 Stainless Steels, T316 Stainless Steel; Zinc “Clear” or Yellow Chromate, or Plain Finish available
  • Steel Pins – various applications, production specific to various market standards including ASTM, ASME (e.g. standard ASME B18.8.1, or Metric ASME B18.8.6M, etc.), Government, military or Navy-compliant (e.g. AS9245/MS9245, MS24665/NASM24665, etc.); other options include Stainless Steel Pins fabricated with different grades (e.g. MB Spring Wire, AS9245 specifications; Type 302, Type 304, Type 316, corrosion- and heat-resistant Steel AS7211; or Type 321 Stainless Steel, etc.)
  • Stainless Steel Cotter Pins
  • Stainless Steel Humped Cotter Pins – grades include:  Type 302/304 Stainless Steels, Type 316, Type 321, T420 Standard Duty Stainless Steel, AS7211 Corrosion and Heat-Resistant Steel, and other commercial-grade Stainless Steels
  • Stainless Steel Safety Pins – Type 316 Stainless Steel, or Lock Pins Type 316 Stainless Steel (ASTM 313 standards)
  • Steel Swages – options can include finishing for sanitary use applications (e.g. passivation); fabrication options, secondary operations and treatment to meet a variety of environmental factors including freezing, normal temperatures, or higher than normal temperatures for use in a variety of market sectors

Other types of Stainless Steels such as T316 (surgical steel with the applicable treatment processes) is a grade frequently utilized in alloys (e.g. with Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum, Nickel and Chromium, Molybdenum or Nickel).  Other types of Stainless Steel grades that are used in for steel wire form production include: 316L, 316LVM, 401 through 403, and 409 (an alloy with Aluminum), 420, 430, 440, High Carbon Stainless Steels, precious metal alloys (e.g. Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V), and other options.

Additional Metals for Secondary Operations and Finishing Services for Steel Wire Forms

We can offer a variety of secondary operations, treatments, and plating options (e.g. single metal or alloys for electro-coating or electro-plating, where applicable).  We can explore utilizing other metals or metallic alloys as well.  Some additional base metal options and coating/plating options include various grades of: Aluminum, Brass, Cadmium, Copper, Hanger Iron, Monel, other metallic coatings (e.g. such as Phosphor Bronze Stampings), Zinc, Zinc Yellow Chromate, and other metals.

We are a full-service manufacturer and offer companies a wide range of standardized secondary operations.  You can review the secondary operations section of our Industrial Wire Form Productspage, or peruse articles in our Resource Articles for additional operations and the types of products that we fabricate.

Request a project quote on custom, steel wire form fabrication services available direct from wire forms manufacturer Western Wire Products Co., or let us know about your project in order to discuss the level of production assistance your company requires.

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We offer U.S. businesses a range of shipping options including shipment of entire production runs of OEM, specialty or custom wire forms.  We can ship to one location, warehouses, business locations or multiple locations.  We also offer small bulk purchases of inventory stock.  We can ship direct, offer business-to-business Kan Ban stocking, LTL shipping (location-to-location), and “just in-time” shipping.

Business in other companies may purchase in bulk or purchase entire production runs of custom-produced steel wire form products or other wire forms.  We ship to businesses in Canada and Mexico, to countries throughout the Americas, to business customers in Europe, to Australia, to Japan, to locations throughout Asia, and elsewhere.

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