Western Wire Products Company Is a Paint Line Hangers Manufacturer and Supplier

Paint Line Hangers and Paint Hooks Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer

Western Wire Products Company, in business for 100 years in St. Louis (now Fenton, Missouri) is a leading wire forms primary fabricator, manufacturer and supplier.  We produce a variety of OEM, standard, specialty and customer wire forms including Paint Line Hangers (some designs have a 360° hanger head for convenience) Paint Hooks and a variety of other hangers and hooks that may be ideal for your specific requirements.  We produce a wide range standardized wire form products including products such as custom-made springsmechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, and even pipe straps and hangers.

We can meet a wide range of production standards and we have extensive experience working with diverse market sectors.  Our primary fabrications include precision wire forms fabrication utilizing over 100 pieces of advanced CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, and other specialty manufacturing machinery and equipment at our large manufacturing facility in the St. Louis suburbs.

Please contact Western Wire Products Company for general inventory stock purchases or to request and discuss your custom wire forms production requirements.  You may call Western Wire Products Company toll-free at 800-325-3770.  Also, feel free to e-mail your general product or fabrication service inquiries to: [email protected].

Full-Service Wire Forms Manufacturer

Many of our inventory stock wire forms may meet your company’s current requirements.  If not, we do offer a wide range of custom fabrication services including general, wire form, product design services, general product engineering, rapid prototype work, custom primary fabrication services, secondary operations, product finishing services, distribution and some retail packaging options, inventory stocking, Kan Ban stocking, “just-in-time” stocking, warehouse distribution services, and competitive lead times to market.  Business are welcome to request custom fabrication services for OEM, standardized specialty or custom wire forms including Pain Line Hangers or other similar products.

Western Wire Products Co. is one of the leading U.S. manufacturers of wire forms.  We manufacturer wire forms for a variety of market sectors, industries, manufacturing and assembly companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs) such as HVAC, and for nationwide and international distribution channels.  We also produce custom wire forms for individual businesses.

Paint Line Hangers and Hooks—Inventory Stock Options or Custom Fabrication

For companies needing paint hangers and hooks for daily operations, we do have several standardized types and we are more than willing to explore specific custom or specialty production requests to meet specific needs—custom orders do have general minimum piece production runs.

Some of the standardized hangers and hooks that we offer include:

  • Double C Sign Hanger – durable hanger fabricated using 0.091” Zinc Coated steels that are currently available in 4” to 48” overall lengths
  • Paint Hooks – curved, nearly closed on top with a flattened hook to hold paint cans/buckets may be a good solutions for your daily operational requirements, or they may be the perfect option for some types signage in retail stores
  • Paint Line Hangers – some of these types of wire forms allow the user to rotate paint cans/gallons or buckets a full 360°, which is quite convenient, particularly in constricted spaces or on ladders or scaffolding
  • Tarp Straps – to make sure that your paint buckets/cans, if spilled or dripping, do not leave paint on floors, walls or items, such as furniture, that may be in the way while you are painting interiors
  • C-Hooks and J-Hooks may work for hanging paint cans and buckets
  • S-Hooks – use these for signage, hanging tarps, to cover walls, floors or items in a room during painting, or for other uses; review the S-Hook product listings
  • V-Hooks are made of top quality galvanized wire (Zinc coated); standard End Mount V-Hooks are fabricated using 0.135” diameter wire at 4.187” OAL and 3” wide; and, Side Mount V-Hooks have a 0.120” wire diameter, a 4.875” OAL. and are 4.875” in width
  • We also a variety of other hooks and hangers that you may find useful—these items include customized Hanger Iron, plant hangers, retail signage hangers, lighting fixture hooks, and plated hooks that are corrosion resistant

Western Wire Products maintains an extensive product line of standard and specialty Formed Wire Hangers.  We maintain a comprehensive capability to make and deliver prototypes quickly, produce short and long runs, as well; and, we are experienced with blanket/release, “just-in-time” and various e-commerce programs.

Request custom fabrication of Paint Line Hangers in order to meet your specific business requirements whether that is for OEM, standard, specialty or custom hangers.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for Paint Line Hangers or Other Wire Hangers

Contact Western Wire Products Co. direct in order to discuss your company’s custom fabrication requirements or to purchase any of our inventory stock of wire hangers or Paint Line Hangers.  Our general services cover product design services (or we can use your extant specifications), product engineering, rapid prototype work, materials selection, primary fabrication services, secondary operations, coating options, general product finishing services, and any other requirements necessary for your parts supply needs and daily operations.

Also, you may reach us by e-mail for sales assistance with any of our inventory stock or to inquire about product details or request custom wire forms manufacturing.  Please send e-mails to: [email protected], or call us toll-free at 800-325-3770.  We ship products nationwide and to clients worldwide including to locations in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Central and South America, Australia, Japan and elsewhere in Asia.