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D Rings Are Available Direct from the Manufacturer

St. Louis-based Western Wire Products Company to purchase inventory stock D Rings in various sizes or to request custom fabrication services.  In business for a 100 years, we are one of the leading manufacturers of wire forms for a variety of market sectors, industries, manufacturers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), MROs (Maintenance and Repair Operations), national and international distribution channels and to individual companies.

We fabricate D Rings and other general wire formsmechanical fastenerswire handleswire hangers, and custom-made springs and offer companies a wide range of services.  We can assist your business with product design services, general engineering, prototype work (rapid prototyping), competitive lead times to market, custom manufacturing services, product finishing services, packaging, inventory stocking, “just-in-time” stocking, distribution services and packaging for distribution resale or retail.  We offer diverse market sectors primary fabrications including precision fabrication wire forms, CNC wire bendingCNC wire forming, and specialty manufacturing services with over 100 pieces of production equipment at our manufacturing facility in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Please contact Western Wire Products Company for general inventory stock purchases or to request and discuss your custom wire forms production requirements.  You may call Western Wire Products Company toll-free at 800-325-3770.  Also, feel free to e-mail your general product or fabrication service inquiries to: [email protected].

Standardized, Inventory-Stock D Rings Available Now for Shipping

The following list of our D Rings includes the Western Wire Products Co. product number followed by the wire form’s diameter, crown, and length of the flat side; additionally, please ask about minimum order quantities for orders and cumulative shipping weight for your order.  Of course, we offer a range of wire diameters for custom production runs.

The following D Rings are our standardized inventory stock product listings and are available in Stainless Steel.  If you would like Brass or Nickel-coated rings, please let us know and we will offer a quote based on the size of your order:

  • 612-D – 0.080”; 5/16”; 3/8”
  • 67-D – 0.080”; 7/16”; 5/8”
  • 610-D – 0.120”; 7/16”; 5/8”
  • 61-D – 0.120”; 5/8”; ¾”
  • 62-D – 0.120”; 7/8”; 1”
  • 63-D – 0.120”; 7/8” 1-1/8”
  • 64-D – 0.148”; ¾”; 7/8”
  • 65-D – 0.148”; 1”; 1-5/16”
  • 66-D – 0.148”; 1-1/8”; 1-5/8”
  • 68-D – 0.177”; 7/8”; 1-1/8”
  • 69-D – 0.177”; 1-1/8”; 1-5/8”
  • 69-D – 0.177”; 1-1/8”; 1-5/8”

Feel free to review the images of the D Ring products listed above; you may download the D-Rings catalog for later reference below the table listing the D Rings.  Request custom fabrication of D Ringsto meet your company’s specific requirements for OEM, standardized, specialty or customized products.

A Wide Range of Related Rings, Cotters, Hangers and Hooks

We also offer a variety of other rings and hooks.  Some of the other wire forms that you may be interested in may include:  V-Hooks (Zinc Coated hooks made of top quality galvanized wire; our standard End Mount style is made of 0.135” diameter wire at 4.187” OAL and 3” wide; or, Side Mount styles with a 0.120” wire diameter,  4.875” OAL and 4.875” in width), Pear Clips (fabricated from .080” Zinc Coated Steel wire with inside dimensions at 1-3/8” width at widest and a length of 2-5/8”; Stainless Steel Pear Clips are available upon request), and we also offer a wide range of other types of clips (R-Clips, Ring Clips, Hitch Pin Clips, External Hitch Pin Clips, etc.), rings, Ring CottersKey RingsKey Snaps, hangers, Double-C Sign Hangers, and hooks such as J-Hooks, S-Hooks (S-Hook product listings), and many other types of wire forms.  These products are just a sample of our inventory-stock products.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for D Rings and Other Wire Forms

Please contact Western Wire Products Co. direct to discuss custom fabrication services including design, engineering, recommendations, design, engineering, rapid prototype work, materials selections, coatings, primary fabrication services, secondary operations, product finishing services, and other requirements to meet the specific needs of your company’s operations.

 You can also reach us by e-mail for sales assistance or to ask about custom fabrication requirements. E-mail us at:  [email protected], or call us toll-free, nationwide at:  800-325-3770.  We ship products nationwide and to clients worldwide.