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Western Wire Products Company, a custom wire product fabricator in business for nearly a century, is a leader in wire form manufacturing. Originally serving St. Louis and Midwest companies requiring OEM, standard and custom wire forms, we are now a global supplier of wire forms, hangers, handles, hinge pins, mechanical fasteners and customized wire forms in simple to complex forms.

Western Wire Products Company is also a leader in custom-made springs. In fact, we were the national leader for bedsprings manufacturing in the 1930s and 1940s, until the industry changed production styles for box springs.

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Simple to Complex Fabrications for a Variety of Industries

Western Wire Products Co. utilizes the latest CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques (computerized numerical control) for precision fabrications and precision wire forms meeting standardized, specialty grade or OEM requirements.  We also manufacture a wide range of custom wire products for many different industries.

With experience in manufacturing everything from simple retail fasteners and complex wire forms, to producing custom military-grade, aviation-grade and even aerospace-grade wire products over the decades, our engineers and design team have the experience required to turn your custom wire productdesigns into reality.

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Custom Wire Product Options

At Western Wire Products Co., we design, engineer, fabricate, provide secondary operations, and finish products for shipment worldwide.   We ship custom wire product fabrications direct to business clients, distributors or to other businesses for resale.

A few of our standard products include:

  • Custom Springs – standardized, OEM or custom springs to meet a variety of compression, extension and torsion requirements; products include spring (roll) pins, coiled spring pins or coiled spiral spring pins; MS and NAS spring pins; and specialty military-grade compliant spring pins (AN, MS, NAS, NASM)
  • Mechanical fasteners – common fasteners and specialty fasteners including bar joist clips, S-hooks, V-hook, pins (safety, clinch, Cotter, lock, spring, etc.) and hitch pins, rings (Cotters, D-rings, hog rings, key rings, etc.) stampings, threaded shapes, snaps, washers, and many other types of fasteners
  • Wire hangers – extensive line of standardized and specialty wire form hangers for a wide range of applications in plumbing, electrical usage, HVAC applications and repair work, medical equipment applications (sanitary stainless steel application like I/V bag hooks), construction, aviation/aerospace and military-grade, retail signage, and even for general product assembly applications
  • Wire handles – formed from aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, wire and strip steel for a wide range of uses
  • Wire Forms – custom wire forms with simple to complex bends, OEM, specialty and customized wire shapes with a variety of finishing options

OEM and Specialty Fabrications for a Wide Range of Applications

We serve OEM, distribution, and MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) markets, as well as selling direct to distributors and individual business clients.  With our rapid wire prototyping services, we can offer custom wire product fabrications to meet a variety of standards and grades including military applications, aviation/aerospace, agriculture, construction, assembly and manufacturing, industrial usage, or even for sanitary medical or food applications.

We offer secondary operations such as Austempering, chamfering, drilling, general machining, punching, staking or in-process staking, tapping, welding, and many other services including treatments, plating, powder coats, galvanization, and other finishing services.  Learn more about Western Wire Products’ fabrications.

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