Custom Wire Forms Fabrication Services

Precision Custom Wire Forms for Diverse Market Sectors

Custom wire forms design, fabrication, secondary operations, and finishing services are available direct from Western Wire Products Company in Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis).  As a fabricator of precision wire forms for about a century, we have the experience and technical expertise to develop and fabricate custom wire forms for a wide range of industries and to meet diverse standards and specifications.

We utilize CNC wire bending and precision CNC wire forming techniques for fabrications.  Our standard, OEM and custom wire forms meet stringent requirements for market sectors as diverse as aerospace/aviation, automotive, construction, HVAC, general parts supply and distribution, specific manufacturing requirements, for assembly companies, MRO (Maintenance Repair and Operations) markets, or even for high-tolerance military applications.

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Custom Wire Bending and Wire Forms Fabrication

Custom wire forms fabrication services are a mainstay of our business.  As a manufacturer and supplier of wire formsmechanical fastenerswire hangerscustom springswire handles, threaded wire form products and other products, we utilize our expertise in the industry to provide a diverse clientele with exacting standard and custom wire form products.   Our design and engineering team will work directly with your product development team to determine the correct specifications, wire bending/forming, secondary operations, and product finishing options that will fit your company’s specifications.

Contact Western Wire Products Co., with your designs, drawings or technical schematics, materials selection, finishing or coating specifications, and any additional technical requirements for wire parts production.  For custom fabrication requests, our design and engineering team works to develop the exact, precision, custom wire products for your applications, requirements and specifications, or for your resale.

If you know what kind of wire form product that your business requires, or you need out-of-production, OEM wire form replication, then send us a product sample for rapid prototyping and fabrication. Upon approval of the wire form prototype, we can begin fabrication of your parts.  You can have parts on the market or in your warehouse in a short period of time (dependent on the complexity and purchase amount).

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Custom Wire Forms Production Capacity

Western Wire Products Co. accommodates custom wire forms fabrication, precision bending or forming of wire diameters ranging from .016” to .625” or .4 mm to 16mm metric sizes.  We provide precision blank wire bending, forming and threading services along with a variety of specific fabrication requirements including:

  • Simple-to-complex wire bending
  • Four-slide forming
  • Multi-slide forming
  • General wire forming
  • Wire forms threading
  • Secondary operations
  • Product finishing, treatment and/or coating
  • Welding as required

This is just a partial list of our wire forms production capacity.

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Additional Business-to-Business Services

Some of the other services available to your company or organization include standard wire forms fabrication, Austempering, chamfering, in-process staking, stamping, custom wire springs fabrication meeting specific tolerances (compression, torsion and extension), electro-coating, neutral atmosphere or heat treatments, powder coating and many other options.

We also provide customers with several standard base materials options for precision wire forms fabrication including steels, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals; also, we offer e-coatings and wide range of finishing options.  If you need a specialty metal or alloy, we will gladly explore materials selection options with your company.

Learn more about standard product optionscustom wire forms manufacturing options and fabrication services that are available from Western Wire Products Company.

Location-to-location (LTL) shipping, “just-in-time” inventory stocking, small or large production runs, custom design and fabrication services, and product shipping throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America, and worldwide, are also options for your company.

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