OEM, Specialty and Custom Wire Forms Manufacturer

As a custom wire forms manufacturer, Western Wire Products Company provides endless imagination of customized wire forming solutions.

Manufactured with pride in America, our custom wire forms are made with superior quality. With over 100 years of experience in the industry, our engineers have designed and fabricated thousands of custom wire projects and will provide you with the exact form for your specific needs. Our team will assist your business with product design, engineering, materials selection and prototyping. Since we are the original equipment manufacturer, we can see that each wire form meets the highest of standards set by our customers. Once we have completed your project, our large warehouse allows us to offer stocking programs that include: general purchases, Kanban stocking, “just in time” shipping, shipping to warehouses, or shipment of full, custom production lots.

We are a start-to-finish custom wire forms manufacturer for customers of all sizes. Businesses may contact Western Wire Products Co.for direct inventory stocking from a leading, bulk wire forms distributor. You may call us at 800-325-3770, or at 636-305-1100. Companies may contact the Western Wire Products sales team by email at: [email protected].