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For OEM, standardized and custom springs, contact Western Wire Products Company, your custom spring manufacturer in St. Louis (Fenton, Missouri).  Western Wire Products Co. ships OEM, standard and custom fabrications nationwide and internationally to global clients.  We utilize CNC wire bendingand CNC wire forming techniques (computerized numerical control) for precision fabrications.

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For custom spring manufacturer services and custom fabrications, contact our product engineering and design team with your materials specifications, requirements for torsion, extension and compression, or send us your drafts or drawings.  We offer rapid prototyping and once approved, we can begin your production run.

Custom Spring Manufacturer and Wire Forms Fabrication

Western Wire Products, a custom spring manufacturer, provides standardized and custom wire bending and wire forms production (including threaded wire forms).  Our wire bending/wire forming fabrication services accommodate wire diameters ranging from .016” to .625” (or metric sizing at .4 mm to 16 mm).

Some of our fabrication services include blank wire bending, four-slide wire forming, multi-slide wire forming, forming simple-to-complex bends, stamping, threading, and even meeting specific compression, extension and torsion tolerances for spring forms.

Finishing options include Austempering, E-coatings or electro-plating, heat and vacuum heat treatments, hardening and case hardening, neutral atmosphere treatments, and Passivation (food or medical applications). Metallic coatings include brass, cadmium, copper, galvanized steels and stainless steels, nickel, tin, zinc and zinc yellow chromate.

Additional secondary operations include chamfering, drilling, general machining, punching, staking or in-process staking, tapping and welding services.

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Types of Springs Available from Western Wire Products

Some of our standardized and OEM spring types include coiled spring pins or coiled (spiral) spring pins, spring (roll) pins, and related mechanical fasteners.  We have fulfilled a wide range of application requirements for springs and other wire forms over the last century—some of our parts are even on the moon!  As a custom spring manufacturer, we have fabricated specialty products for aerospace, aviation, automotive, industrial and even defense requirements.

Some of our customized products include:

  • Custom Fabricated Springs (Spring Pins)—meeting stringent technical requirements for a wide range of industries including:
    • Aerospace/aviation and airplane specifications
    • Agricultural usages
    • Automotive assembly parts
    • Defense/military applications
    • Industrial-grade springs and pins for various industries compliant for each industry’s grades
  • Custom Wire Forms—wide range of customized products for many assembly companies, manufacturers, repair companies and industrial applications
  • Military-Grade Spring Pins (AN, MS, NAS, NASM)—specialty springs and parts for specific military applications

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Our general specifications (standardized springs fabrication service) include:

  • Coiled Spring Pins (Coiled (Spiral) Spring Pins)—products are available in T420 stainless standard duty and plain steels; our standard dimensions include 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes (if you require metric sizes, please let us know)
  • Spring Pins—all-purpose fasteners; spring pins compress within standard drilled holes, eliminating secondary operations; our spring pins are available in 1/16″ to ½” diameters standard (see Coiled Spring Pins); and our standard finishing options include plain steel, stainless steel (Type 302/304 and Type 420), cadmium coating or zinc coating
  • MS and NAS Spring Pins—available in standard packs or bulk lots (special packaging available upon request)
  • Springs in assortments or display boxes include our Handy Man Assortment (45 roll pins ranging from 1/16″ thru ¼” diameters; and an AG/Industrial Assortment (45 pins ranging from 3/32″ thru ½” diameters)

Utilize the expertise of expert fabricators, designers and engineers to develop your product.  Western Wire Products is a custom spring manufacturer for St. Louis, the Midwest, the US, and for clients worldwide.

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