Custom Made Springs and Wire Forms Fabrication

Custom Made Springs for Your Assembly Requirements

Custom made springs and standardized springs and mechanical fasteners are available direct from Western Wire Products Company in St. Louis (Fenton, Missouri).  We utilize standard computer numerical control (CNC) techniques for a variety of applications and product fabrications.  We use CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques to fabricate standard, OEM and custom-made wire forms, hangers, handles and mechanical fasteners.  As one of the leading manufacturers of springs (we were the leading bedsprings manufacturer in the 1930s and 1940s—until bedspring designs changed the industry), we have the capacity to custom fabricate springs of all kinds.

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Standard, OEM and Custom Made Springs Fabrication

Whether you need rapid product prototyping, small production runs, or large production runs, Western Wire Products Company can handle your orders—and quickly.  Our engineers can replicate springs and other fasteners that are no longer on the market, design and fabricate OEM springs, or provide your company with custom-made springs.  Additionally, we ship throughout the United States and worldwide and we also have “just-in-time” stocking programs for our business-to-business (B2B) clients that do not have enough warehousing space.

Distributors are of course welcome to purchase lots of standard, OEM or custom made springsmechanical fasteners or our wide range of other wire form products.

Western Wire Products’ Standard Springs

We fabricate standardized springs to meet industry standards; and our products can handle a variety of torsion capacities.  Of course, for custom-made springs, we do need your product specifications, tolerances and preferred metals and coatings. Our wire bending/forming capacity accommodates wire forms or springs with wire diameters ranging from .016” to .625” or metric sizes ranging from .4 mm to 16 mm.

Contact our product engineering and design team with your materials specifications for custom-made springs or other mechanical fasteners.

Our standardized or OEM springs include spring (roll) pins, coiled spring pins or coiled (spiral) spring pins and related fasteners.  Specifications for standardized products include:

  • Coiled spring pins aka coiled (spiral) spring pins available in T420 stainless standard duty and plain steel; standard dimensions are 1/16”, 5/64”, 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 7/32”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes
  • Spring pins—our all-purpose fasteners that compresses within standard drilled holes, which eliminates secondary operations; spring pins are available in 1/16″ to ½” diameters standard; finishing options include plain steel, stainless steel Type 420 and Type 302/304, cadmium coated or zinc coated
  • MS and NAS spring pins available in standard packs, bulk lots or special packaging as requested
  • Springs in assortments and pre-packaged spring pins display boxes, Handy Man Assortment (45 roll pins ranging from 1/16″ thru 1/4″ diameters and packed in 10 self-serve plastic boxes per carton), and AG/Industrial Assortment (45 pins ranging from 3/32″ thru 1/2″ diameter and packed in 10 boxes per carton)
  • Specialty military-grade specifications compliant spring pins (AN, MS, NAS, NASM)
  • Custom made springs (spring pins) for aerospace/aviation, agricultural, automotive, defense/military, and general industrial-grade springs and pins (spring pins compliant to each industries specifications or grades)
  • Specialty custom wire forms—contact us with your specifications, designs/drawings, materials specifications and tolerance requirements

Primary and Secondary Finishing Options

Western Wire Products Co. has a wide range of primary fabrication capabilities, treatments/coatings, and secondary operations including (but not limited to) CNC custom wire forming, blank wire bending, four-slide and multi-slide forming and stamping, simple-to-complex bends, vibratory deburring, heat treating, plating, passivation (medical and food applications), chamfering, in-process staking, conining, threading, and welding.  We can handle your secondary operations request for custom fabrications as well.

Your custom made springs will meet your specific tolerances for spring forms including compression, extension and torsion.

For Custom-Made Springs and Inventory Stocking—Contact Western Wire Products Company for Wire Forms

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