CNC Wire Forms Fabrication at Western Wire Products Company

Precision, CNC Wire Forms and Fabrication Service

Western Wire Products Company of St. Louis is a leading manufacturer of CNC wire forms.  We manufacture OEM, OEM replacement, standardized, specialty and custom-manufactured wire forms utilizing precision CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming techniques.

Many of our customers require products that meet very specific tolerances.  Many products require threading, durable coatings, heat treatments or specific finishing options for diverse applications.  We fabricate wire forms for automotive and HVAC industries, to meet military-compliant specifications (AN, MS, NAS or NASM), or to meet stringent aviation standards, or even sanitary food handling and medical applications (usually stainless steel wire forms).

Contact Western Wire Products Co. for precision, CNC wire forms and/or fabrication services.  You can call us toll-free, nationwide at 800-325-3770 or request a quote on CNC wire forms fabrication.

CNC Wire Forms Production Capabilities

With our wide range of experience in many markets, Western Wire Products Co. sells standard products direct to companies, or we can offer custom-fabricated wire forms to meet your assembly, manufacturing, industrial or repair requirements, tolerances and specifications.

Our product fabrication and finishing options for commercial or other customers include:

  • General wire forms fabrication and general manufacturing of OEM parts, OEM parts replication for wire forms no longer in production, and standardized wire forms
    • Our wire form production capacity is for wire diameters ranging from .016” to .625” (metric sizes are .4 mm to 16 mm)
    • Simple to complex wire forms (multiple bends)
    • Primary fabrication services including wire forming, wire bending, complex wire bending and wire threading
  • Custom design, engineering, prototyping and custom fabrication/production services
  • Custom or specialty, precision CNC wire forms manufacturing
  • Manufacturing base materials options including aluminum, brass, copper, iron (hanger iron), cold-rolled steels, galvanized steels, stainless steel, strip steel, and other steel grades and alloys; per request, we can explore alternative wire form fabrication using other alloys or metals
  • Primary fabrication capabilities: blank wire bending, (single bends, very complex or multiple wire bends), four-slide forming, multi-slide forming and general strip forming (or forming and stamping)
  • Secondary operations and CNC wire forms finishing services: chamfering, in-process staking, general machining, various treatments (Austempering, case hardening, heat treatments, stress relieving, neutral air and/or vacuum heat treating), passivation, applying plating and/or coatings (e-coatings, brass, zinc, cadmium, tin, copper, nickel and other metals, galvanization where applicable, powder coatings and additional options), precision spring fabrication (meeting specified compression, extension and torsion tolerances), punching, stamping, tapping, threading, vibratory deburring, and general welding services

We are willing to explore production options with other base materials, metals, alloys and coatings for custom-made fabrications.

CNC Wire Forms for Diverse Market Sectors

Western Wire Products Co. manufactures general-purpose wire forms including OEM, standardized, precision CNC wire forms, specialty wire forms, and custom wire products.  Our general product categories include wire fastenerswire formswire handleswire hangerscustom-made springs, and other products.

We have a wide production capability.  We serve companies and organizations in many different market sectors, many with specialty production requirements.

We fabricate parts to meet the diverse specifications of many market sectors including:

  • OEM and parts distribution companies
  • Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) markets
  • Automotive assembly, manufacturing and repair businesses
  • Aviation/aircraft assembly and repair operations meeting stringent aerospace requirements and tolerances
  • Construction businesses and contractors
  • Electrical-grade wire forms for general manufacturing, assembly companies, construction wiring, commercial electrical equipment manufacturing, and related markets
  • Food service and distribution companies requiring sanitary steel wire form products
  • HVAC equipment assembly and field repair businesses
  • Industrial, manufacturing and assembly companies (various industrial-grade specifications)
  • Medical parts and equipment markets, specifically sanitary steel wire forms
  • Military-grade/compliant parts fabrication and supply
  • Specialty and custom-manufactured products per customer request

Western Wire Products Co. packages and ships wire forms to customers nationwide and internationally.  Contact us about international shipping options.

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