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CNC wire forming, or Computer Numerical Control wire forming or bending, is an automated, pre-determined process for creating wire form fabrications from various types of sheet metals.  Western Wire Products Company, a leader in wire forms fabrication services, product design and custom engineering for nearly a 100 years, provides standard and custom products made via CNC wire forming.  Your company is welcome to contact our engineers and design team regarding your need for stock inventories of standard wire forms or to develop, design and fabricate simple or complex wire forms that meet your specifications.

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Automated CNC Wire Forming Fabrication Services

Whether you need automated, CNC wire forming or bending fabrication services, need product prototyping, small production runs or large production runs, you can rely on Western Wire Products provide the service you expect with the knowledge to make the highest quality wire forms for your business.  Any business-to-business clients or even product retailers, manufacturers, product assembly companies, industrial companies, or other businesses are welcome to order small or bulk lots of any of our stock items.

Additionally, Western Wire Products Co. offers B2B customers a variety of stocking services for CNC wire forms including:

  • Bulk wire forms orders
  • Custom design and engineering for CNC wire forming, wire bending and wire forms fabrication
  • Just–in-time inventory stocking programs
  • Specialty packaging programs (ideal for warehousing, resale or retail)

Customized or standard CNC wire forming services include:

  • CNC wire forms fabrication capacity for wire diameters ranging from .016 to .625 inches or .4 mm to 16mm
  • Blank wire bending or wire forming lengths are nearly limitless
  • Chamfering
  • CNC wire bending services
  • CNC wire forming using aluminum, steels, stainless steel, spring steels, or a wide variety of alloys
  • In-process staking
  • Stamping
  • Strip forming
  • Threading
  • Learn more about our wire forms, hangers, fasteners, handles and other standard fabrications

Additional fabrication capabilities for creating CNC wire formed products include:

  • Finishing services for wire forms including platings like brass, cadmium, copper, galvanized, nickel, powder coating, tin, zinc, and zinc yellow chromate
  • New equipment capabilities for fabricating wire springs
  • Capacity for wire spring fabrications including compression, extension or torsion

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Quick Production Turnarounds and Sample Products Fabrication

You do not have to wait for international shipments to the US, when you have a custom CNC wire forming, bending and wire forms manufacturer in the Midwest.  We offer quick turnaround times on product sample fabrications and work with companies for small to large, custom production runs.

We ship products nationwide and internationally as well.

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