CNC Wire Bending Services and Parts Fabrication in Saint Louis

Computer Numerical Control Machining and Bending Services

CNC wire bending (computer numerical control wire bending) and CNC wire forming from drawn wire stocks is a fabrication service direct from wire forms manufacturer Western Wire Products Company of Saint Louis, Missouri.  With approximately a century in business, Western Wire Products is a leading Midwest and leading national fabricator and supplier of standard and custom or specialty wire forms used for product assemblies, repairs, fastening, construction and general manufacturing.

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Engineering to Meet Your Custom CNC Wire Bending Specifications

Our engineers and production team uses CNC wire bending and computer automation systems to ensure that your standard or custom wire forms orders meet exacting commercial-grade specifications and meet your company’s specific custom fabrication orders.  Contact our engineers and sales team to discuss your specific product requirements.  We can program automated systems for a wide range of wire bending and wire forms fabrications.

Whether your company needs product prototyping services, custom CNC wire bending for wire forms, or you need smaller or medium volumes for inventory stocking, Western Wire Products’ engineers can fabricate simple or complex shapes based on your company’s specifications.  We also stock a wide range of common CNC wire bending wire forms and fabrications.

Standard, OEM and Custom Wire Forms Fabrication

Western Wire Products offers a wide range of standard, OEM and custom CNC wire bending, and CNC wire forming capabilities in order to meet the demands of clients small and large.  For higher volumes of product fabrication, we maintain an extensive capacity for four-slide and multi-slide forming techniques.

Customized or standard CNC wire bending services include:

  • CNC wire forms fabrication capacity for wire diameters ranging from .016 to .625 inches or .4 mm to 16mm
  • Blank wire bending
  • Blank wire forming
  • Chamfering
  • CNC wire bending or forming for a variety of metals and alloys including aluminum, steels, stainless steel, and spring steels
  • Complex or multiple wire bends
  • In-process staking for wire products
  • Stamping
  • Strip forming
  • Threaded wire forms
  • Request a Quote for CNC wire bending or forming

CNC Wire Bending Forms—Finishing and Shipping

Additionally, we offer a variety of finishing options for wire forms.  Our plating services for CNC wire forms including platings such as brass, cadmium, copper, e-coating, galvanized, heat treated, nickel, powder coating, tin, zinc or even zinc yellow chromate plating.

We also ship products nationwide and internationally.  We have many clients in Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

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