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CNC Threaded Wire Forms Manufacturer

If your company is in the market for standardized or custom, CNC-threaded wire forms, choose a well-established manufacturer and product supplier to national distribution channels (we are an approved vendor to some of the largest OEMs), and Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) markets for standard or custom-fabricated wire forms.  In business for about a century, St. Louis-based Western Wire Products Company (Fenton, MO) is uniquely situated for the production of small and large production runs of OEM, standardized and custom, CNC-threaded wire forms including parts fabrication utilizing the latest in CNC wire bending and CNC wire forming (CNC is computer numerical control) techniques.

CNC Threaded Wire Forms Are Available from Western Wire Products Company

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Standardized Product Categories, Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication Services

Western Wire Products manufactures a wide assortment of standardized wire forms including selections in our standardized production categories.  We offer standard size and OEM wire forms including mechanical fastenerswire formswire hangers, and wire handles.  Additionally, we fabricate custom springswith exacting compression, extension and torsion.

We can utilize standard designs or drawings for blank wire threading and forming, or we can provide your company with competitive, rapid prototyping services for parts meeting your specific business requirements or specialty industry standards.  We can utilize finalized parts drafts, drawings, blueprints, or even product samples (for out-of-production parts or even obsolete OEM parts designs) to create product prototypes.

Once we have your company’s approval on a particular design, we can either provide your company large volume production runs on our high-speed fabrication equipment or low volume runs through our precision CNC department.  Our range of CNC-forming capabilities includes modernized machinery with the capacity for simple to complex wire forms fabrication and threading including an extensive capability in four-slide, multi-slide forming and specialty wire forming.

Full-Service, CNC-Threaded Wire Forms Fabrication Services

Whether you choose to order standardized products direct or you need a manufacturer for wire forms, Western Wire Products is your full-service fabrication company.  From threading blank wires to finishing simple or complex shapes with one or more bends, to treatments, finishing and coatings, to packaging and shipping, we can handle your company’s specifications for precision, CNC-threaded wire forms manufacturing.

Western Wire Products Co. offers a wide range of production and secondary operations for wire forms.  Some of our services include:

  • Precision, CNC-threaded wire forms design, engineering and fabrication services
  • Blank wire threading and bending, wire lengths nearly unlimited
  • In-process staking, stamping, chamfering, undercutting, and notching
  • Secondary threading, assembly, and welding services
  • Wire strip forming up to 16 gauge
  • Wire forms fabrication accommodating wire diameters of .016” to .625” (or metric sizes from .4 mm to 16 mm)
  • High volume production four-slide/multi-slide forming accommodating wire diameters of .028” to .562” ( .75 mm to 14 mm)
  • In-House tool design and manufacture
  • Many additional services including Austempering, coining, deburring, vibratory deburring, various treatments, additional secondary operations and finishing/coating/plating services for wire forms

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Experienced Production Staff Meets Diverse Standards and Specifications

Our experienced staff can offer your company valuable manufacturing advice and recommendations on your next production project requiring CNC threaded wire forms.  Let us know how we can assist your business, we offer precision wire forms production utilizing a variety of standard metals and alloys.  We can of course explore additional alloys or metals depending on the project.

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