Western Wire Products Company Is a Bulk Wire Forms Supplier

Does Your Company Need a Bulk Wire Forms Supplier or Fabrication Services?

Western Wire Products Company is a major U.S. wire forms manufacturer and bulk wire forms supplier to businesses worldwide.  We produce a wide range of wire forms and have an extensive inventory or industry-standard wire forms and we also offer full-service, bulk wire forms manufacturing services as well.  We recommend that you review current products online with our Visual Index or from the online Western Wire Products Co. Product Catalog.

Western Wire Products Co. is a 9001:2015 ISO Certified company and this also applies to our custom fabrication job shop and production facility.  Additional standard product categories include standardized wire forms, usually ASME or ASME-Metric.  We can also meet other production standards including very stringent U.S. Government, Navy or military specifications (AN, MS, NAS, NASM).  For bulk wire forms supply, be sure to let us know about your market sector specifications.

We can offer your company bulk wire forms supply or custom fabrication services.  You may contact us for direct inventory purchases from your bulk wire forms supplier, or you may reach our business toll-free, nationwide, at 800-325-3770, or you may call us locally in Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis County) at 636-305-1100.

Additionally, businesses may Fax us at 636-305-1119; or, you may contact the sales team by email at:  [email protected].

Bulk Wire Forms Supplier: Inventory Stock Wire Form Products

Western Wire Products Co. has an extensive inventory of a wide range of wire forms applicable to diverse market sectors.  We recommend that you review our Visual Index to take a look at the product details from any of the items listed below.  We have information on wire diameters, dimensions, drawings, metal used, what types of coating or plating is available in standard inventory wire forms, as well as other pertinent details.

Bulk wire forms supplier Western Wire Products Co. offers wire forms including:

  • All-Purpose Tie Wires and Tie Wire Tools, Pistol Type or Ratchet Type
  • CC Sign Hangers
  • Clinch Pins
  • Coiled Spring Pins
  • Cotter Pins, Extended Prong Chisel Point, Even End Chisel Point, Even End Tapered Point, Extended Prong Tapered Point, Hammerlock, Humped, Self-Locking, and available Tee Head
  • D-Rings
  • Dead-Lock Tag Fasteners
  • FHA Strap
  • Grip Clips
  • Hanger Iron, Perforated Hanger Bar, Ductape Tinner’s Tape, and Twist-Slot Hanger Bar Hitch Pin (Hair Pin) Clips
  • Hitch Pins (Double Loop)
  • Hitch Pin Clips (External)
  • Hog Rings (Hill Patterned), Fencing Ring and Upholstery Ring available
  • J-Hooks
  • Key Rings
  • Key Snaps
  • Lock Pins, A-A-55487 Lock Pins (Formerly AN415 Lock Pins) and A-A-55487-1 Lock Pins (Formerly AN415-1 Lock Pins)
  • Lock Washers and Washer Assortments
  • Pipe Hooks, “Copper Boys” available
  • Stud Guards and Stud Plates
  • Pear Clips
  • Pipe Straps or Snap-on Straps, One-Hole (T.W.) Straps, and Two-Hole Pipe Straps
  • Ring Clips
  • Ring Cotters or Circle Cotters
  • S-Hooks
  • S-Iron or Ribbed Steel “S” Iron
  • Safety Pin Fasteners, Heavy Duty (Coiled) and Standard Duty
  • Shipping Tag Wire
  • Spring Pins and Spring Pin Assortments
  • V-Hooks
  • Additional variants and related wire forms…

Once again, you can learn more about specific wire forms and variant options by reviewing our Visual Index.

Western Wire Products Co.’s Additional Product Categories, Custom Fabrication Services Available

Besides being a bulk wire forms supplier, Western Wire Products Co. is a custom wire forms manufacturer.  If your business is in need of a manufacturer for OEM, specialty, metric or completely custom wire forms, then be sure to let us know about your fabrication project.  We recommend that you take a few moments to review the previously mentioned online catalog or Visual Index, as well as the extensive list of resource articles available for custom wire forms fabrication service.  We perform a wide range of start-to-finish wire form products fabrication requiring custom wire forming services.

Western Wire Products Co. can offer your business a wide range of custom wire forming services from initial concept to finished product. You can learn about our other primary categories besides our individual pages on Wire FastenersPlumbing & Electrical, and Aerospace Hardware (fasteners, etc.) by reviewing our resource articles.

Our additional, extensive bulk wire forms inventory products include product categories including: Mechanical FastenersWire FormsWire Handles, and Wire Hangers.  We also produce Custom Springs from general, small wire forms for hardware supply to heavier industrial springs that meet exacting production requirements for compression, extension and torsion.

Inventory Stock or Custom Plumbing & Electrical Wire Forms

Western Wire Products is also an electrical and plumbing wire forms manufacturer, and you can review our Plumbing & Electrical page for links to a variety of common wire forms, plates and Stud Guards designed and engineered to protect wiring and cables inside walls—generally, these types of wire forms are used in commercial and residential construction and many are designed to meet U.S. building codes.

We can manufacture custom wire forms that meet requirements for corrosion resistance, or electrical conductivity or electrical impedance, and also for sanitary-use requirements (usually, passivation of Stainless Steels).  We do produce a range of OEM and Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), HVAC, electrical, construction, and related types of wire forms for use in wiring, cabling, construction, and repair sector applications.  Many sanitary-use market sectors include: agri-business, food processing, food transportation, food storage, for equipment for end-use or retail sale, or even for medical wire forms manufacturing.

Western Wire Products Co. is a bulk wire forms supplier, but we also have extensive manufacturing capabilities at our production facility/job shop.  Your company may request a wire forms fabrication quote for full-service, wire forms design, engineering, primary fabrication, secondary operations, and product finishing services and packaging.

Bulk Wire Forms Supplier, Western Wire Products Co., Ships Worldwide

As a major bulk wire forms supplier of standardized, OEM, specialty, or completely custom-fabricated wire forms manufacturing requests are usually performed for entire production runs or production lots.  Your business can negotiate any of the particulars of a fabrication project with our company based upon your project requirements, end-user usage, and of course any applicable market sector specifications.

U.S. customer may take advantage of any of our shipping options including Kan Ban stocking, general purchases, “just in time” shipping, shipping to warehouses and related requirements.  Businesses may buy direct from bulk wire forms supplier, Western Wire Products Co., or you can request a quote on wire forms fabrication.  We do ship entire production runs to U.S. companies and to businesses globally.

We can ship bulk inventory wire forms or entire production lots to Canada, to Mexico, to countries located in Central America, South America, to many countries in Europe, to Australia, to Japan, and to other countries throughout Asia.

Businesses may contact us for direct inventory purchases in bulk, or you may call us at 800-325-3770, or at 636-305-1100.  Companies may contact our sales team by email at:  [email protected].