Western Wire Products Company Is an Aerospace Wire Forms Manufacturer

Wire Forms Fabrication Company and Supplier Is an Aerospace Wire Forms Manufacturer

St. Louis-based Western Wire Products Company (800-325-3770) is a major U.S. manufacturer and leading wire forms supplier including Aerospace Fasteners. And, as your Aerospace wire forms manufacturer, we can produce related aviation/airplane wire forms and mechanical fasteners from simple to complex geometries.  We supply industry standard wire forms in our inventory and also offer customers the options of full-service, wire forms fabrication services.  We offer companies design, engineering, materials selection, extensive wire diameters, product prototyping for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), specialty or completely customized wire forms.  Then, we provide full-service primary fabrication work, offer extensive secondary operations, secondary machining (precision-machining, CNC-machining, four-slide or multi-slide forming/stamping), additional plating or coating of metals when applicable, product finishing services, and bulk shipping to business customers in the U.S. and to many global companies and clientele.

And, since we have been around for more than 100 years, we would like to let you know that we have had a long history of producing airplane/aviation/aerospace wire forms…in fact, we have parts that have been to the moon!  We are also an Electrical & Plumbing wire forms manufacturer including fabrication of wire forms and/or assemblies that are electrically conductive or impede electricity, which is necessary in many jobs and tasks, in particular construction, Electrical & Plumbing of interior walls with plates and guards to protect wiring, HVAC assembly and repair, the automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, and other jobs requiring expertise, precision and knowledge of wiring, building codes, impedance or conductivity and other related factors.  The point being, although we produce Aerospace Fasteners, we can produce a range of OEM, specialty or completely customized wire forms need for aircraft/airplane/aviation/aerospace requirements.

Western Wire Products Co. supplies OEMs, Maintenance and Repair Operations (MROs), HVAC manufacturers and repair businesses, national and international wire forms or hardware supply companies, distributors, individual suppliers, many other market sectors, and we supply individual businesses direct.  Business may order in bulk from our extensive wire forms inventory or your company may request a wire forms fabrication quote direct from an aerospace wire forms manufacturer.  You may wish to look through our wire form products online using our Visual Index or the online Western Wire Products Co. Inventory Catalog.

Wire Forms Product Categories and Specifications Compliance

Supplying aviation and aerospace wire forms as a manufacturer can be a challenge depending on the use, and on the variance of stress, pressure, weather, changes in exterior conditions from ground level, to typical cruising levels and beyond.  As your Aerospace wire forms manufacturer, we would like to let you know that Western Wire Products Co. is a 9001:2015 ISO Certified Company and a global wire forms supplier.

Most our inventory stock wire forms are ASME-compliant, ASME Metric-compliant and in general in compliance with most relevant standards.  Aerospace wire forms manufacturing can be particularly complicated depending on the specifications and “real world” conditions and stresses on the wire forms or fasteners.  Because of this, and other wire forms fabrication requirements for other market sectors, we have made a point to meet even more stringent production, primary fabrication, secondary operations, product finishing, and additional market sector standards.  We can accommodate U.S. Government, military and Navy specifications, specifically AN, MS, NAS, NASM.

A few examples of specific Aerospace and/or Defense wire forms from manufacturer Western Wire Products Co. have included AN, MS, NAS, NASM Cotter Pins and Spring Pins, A-A-55487 Lock Pins, and AA554881 and AA554882 Safety Pins.  As your Aerospace wire forms manufacturer, we provide complete traceability with these types of fabrications.  Some of the related materials used for these types of wire forms include low and/or medium Carbon Steels, low and/or medium steel alloys, Stainless Steel grades (passivation for sanitary usage or corrosion-resistance is available), Nickel alloys, Aluminum, Copper, or Brass.  We also offer many more metals, metal grades, and metals for plating and coating.

Western Wire Products Co.’s extensive, general and bulk inventory wire forms stock include products in these categories: Mechanical Fasteners, general Wire FormsWire HangersWire Handles, or Custom Springs (from simple hardware supply springs to industrial springs meeting exacting specifications for compression, extension and/or torsion).  We also offer inventory stock products in our Plumbing & Electrical and Aerospace Hardware/Fasteners categories.  We recommend that you review our Visual Index or review Western Wire Products Co.’s online product catalog.

Review Additional Wire Forms Fabrication Options and Product Information

As an Aerospace wire forms manufacturer and supplier, as well as an OEM, specialty and custom wire forms fabricator, we extensive capacity.  We have over 100 pieces of precision and CNC equipment and machinery as well extensive wire diameter product capacity.  We encourage you to look through our wire form products online using our Visual Index or the online Western Wire Products Co. Product Catalog. For more information on custom fabrication services, individual types of wire forms, and additional custom production capabilities.  Several of the Resource Articles also list wire diameters, primary fabrication options as well as our extensive selection of secondary operations, secondary machining, and additional services such as welding if needed.  We can offer full-service fabrication services for simple or complex wire form designs.

Contact Western Wire Products Co. direct for inventory stock purchases.  You can request a wire forms fabrication quote from your Aerospace wire forms manufacturer, or you may reach our sales team at 800-325-3770, or locally in Fenton, Missouri (St. Louis County) at 636-305-1100.  You can reach our sales team by email at: [email protected].